Aise Kaise/ Pashmina Lyrics Translation | Fitoor

Song Lyric:  Aise Kaise/ Pashmina
Music : Amit Trivedi
Lyrics :  Swanand Kirkire
Singers : Amit Trivedi
Movie Titles/Music Album : Fitoor
Movies Ratings IMDB: 5.6/10
Music Label: Zee Music Company

pashmina dhaagon ke sang
koi aaj bune khwaab aise kaise
vaadi mein goonje kaheen
naye saaz ye rabaab aise kaise
pashmeena dhaagon ke sang

with the pashmina threads,
someone weaves dreams, how so..
in the valley, somewhere new instruments,
these rebabs, how so..
with pashmina threads..

kaliyon ne badle abhi ye mizaaj
ehsaas aise kaise
palkon ne khole abhi naye raaz
jazbaat aise kaise

flower-buds have changed their moods,
feelings, how so..
eyelids have opened new secrets,
emotions, how so..

pashmina dhaagon ke sang
koi aaj bune khwaab aise kaise

kachchi hawa, kachcha dhuaan ghul raha
kachcha sa dil lamhe naye chun raha
kachchi si dhoop, kachchi Dagar phisal rahi
koi khaDa chupke se keh raha
main saaya banoon, tere peechhe chaloon
chalta rahoon…

raw wind, raw smoke is dissolving,
the raw heart is plucking some new moments.
raw sunshine, raw path, is slipping.
and someone standing (nearby), says softly,
that I’d be your shadow, I’d walk with you,
I’d keep walking.

pashmina dhaagon ke sang
koi aaj bune khwaab aise kaise..

shabnam ke do qatre yoon hi Tehel rahe
shaakhon pe wo moti se khel rahe
befikr se ik dooje mein khul rahe
jab hon judaa, khayaalon mein mil rahe
khayaalon mein yoon ye guftagoo chalti rahe

two dewdrops walking just like that,
playing on the branches (of trees) like pearls.
opening into each other, carefree.
and meet each other in thoughts, when they get apart.
this way, the talk keeps on going in dreams.

waadi mein goonje kahin naye saaz
ye rabaab.. aise kaise
aise kaise.. aise kaise..
aise kaise.. aise kaise..