Banno Tera Swagger Lyrics Translation | Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Movie: Tanu Weds Manu Returns
Music: Tanishk, Vayu
Lyrics: Vayu
Singers: Brijesh Shandilya, Swati Sharma
Label: Eros Music

Banno, literally meaning Bride, is a popular traditional North Indian wedding song that is sung with various lyrics, but almost always to a standard tune. The song made here, i.e. the ‘banno’ part of it, has the same standard tune, but the lyrics have been modernized and anglicized here.

garm hawaa di uDi gubaari
family de haath ni aari
jugni dugni chamak chingari
monsoon se halki bhaari
warning public mein jaari
aap sambhaalo zimmedari..
baat-vaat kardi ai
haath-vaath maardi ai
baiThe kabhi na back-seat

(like) a wave of hot air (she) blew,
she doesn’t get controlled by the family,
this firefly has double the shine in its spark,
she is just a little heavier than the monsoon
there is a warning issued for the public,
you take this responsibility,
she talks, etc.,
she hits her hands (at things/people)
she never sits in the back seat..

banno tera swagger laage saxy
banno tera swagger...
banno tera swagger laage sexy
banno tera swagger laage saxy
banno tera swagger.. sexy!
banno tera swagger..

O bride, your swagger looks so sexy..

saxy. bann..

guN chhatteeson gold hain tere na silver na copper
haath lagaa de jis subject pe usme nikle Topper

all thirty six of your virtues are gold, none even silver or copper,
whichever subject you touch upon, you turn out to be the topper of it.

[In a kunDali, an astrological detail of one’s life, there are thirty six virtues/properties of a person which are matched when a wedding is fixed based on kunDalis. These are the properties being talked about here.]

uD jaaye apni hawaa thaam ke pankh nikal aaye proper
bande pe ehsaan hai tera maan liya jo offer
sune nahi zid kare karaari
us par ye hoshiyaari
jugni dugni dhaar kaTaari..
aa ri jaa ri samajh ni aa ri
bhaagegi gali mein saari
karo ji bharpoor taiyaari
kood-faand kardi ai
chhalaang maardi ai
dikhdi nahi relaxing

she can fly on her own, she has got proper wings,
the guy is indebted to you that you accepted his offer..
she doesn’t listen to anyone, is very stubborn,
on top of that this intelligence,
this firefly is doubly sharp a knife,
she comes and goes and can’t be understood..
she’ll run through the street,
prepare your best,
she jumps and runs,
she takes long leaps,
she doesn’t look relaxing..

banno tera swagger laage sexy
banno tera swagger... sexy!
banno tera swagger laage sexy
banno tera swagger laage sexy
banno tera swagger.. sexy!
banno tera swagger..