Dare to see yourself for what you really are!

Dare to see yourself for what you really are!
{{Do not be limited by the judgements of others.}}
Do not believe the lie of limitations.
{{Inside of YOU is every possibility ever known.}}
Close your eyes and visualize your divine beauty.
Release all toxic energy and take in the energy of love.
Draw a picture in your mind where you are complete.
See your higher-self ascending to a place of peace.
Walk with the great masters in a circle of protection.
Let go of the old ways of fear and control.
Surrender to love, beauty, and peace.
There is great power in visualization; to define yourself.
Visualize yourself sitting with the great teachers.
Reach into your imagination and see what makes you happy.
From your visions take your unique gift from creation.
In your new world, choose to believe in the great beauties.
A natural soul can stand un-accosted by malevolence.
A sovereign mind is impenetrable and cannot be molested.
There is a delicate flower in your inner-most sanctum of self.
This soul-flower grows as a natural unfolding of your purpose.
It is safe, in a place where no entity or judgement can trample.
Humbly share this unique gift of yourself with the world.
BECOME! And share the unfolding of yourself with us ALL!

~ Bryant McGill