Mitti di Khushboo Aayi Lyrics Translation | Ayushmann Khurrana

Music: Rochak Kohli
Lyrics: Rochak Kohli, Gurpreet Saini, Gautam Sharma
Starring: Ayushmaan Khurrana, Huma Qureshi
Singer: Ayushmann Khurrana
Music Label: T-Series

Here, the hero has left his country and feels sad for the loss of the motherland as well as his love interest he misses from there. The story revolves around rains which have been important in positive and negative ways in his life earlier, and remind him of his country's soil and the smell of the soil during rains.

Jaddon ambaraan barasya paani
Mitti di khushboo..
Mitti di khushboo aayi

When the water fell from the sky,
there was smell of (my own) soil (that I felt)..

Ambaraan barasya paani..
Chalye chal mudye sajnaa..
Chal mudye bandeya
Chal mudye us raah jitthe vasdi
Jitthe vasdi, jitthe vasdi ai khudai

Water rained from the sky,
Come, turn, O beloved,
come o God's good samaritan,
come turn to the path
where God's grace lives..

Jadon ambaraan barasiya paani
Mitti di khushboo aayi

Jahaan jad kol si
Naa qadr naa mol si
Chhad aaye apne hi vede
Mulk paraaye ne, karaan de kiraye ne
Ho lay apne si jede
Ho kallan labhda phiran din-raat
Labhda phiraan tera saath
Saaiyaan karaa de mulaqaat
Jitthe vasdi, Jitthe vasdi
Jitthe vasdi Khudaai

Where we were together, (it can well be for the motherland, object not specified)
I didn't value it
and left my own gardens..
In a foreign land, in rented houses,
I live now..
I keep searching day and night, all alone,
keep searching for your company..
O lord, get me to meet (her)
where lives God's grace..

Jadon ambaraan barasya paani
Mitti di khushbu aayi

Jadon mere sheher nu
Jaande dekha ghair nu
Jaandiyaan si meri vi sadaavan

When I saw my city being left
by the unknown one,
My voice also left..

Baitha kinni door main
Ho ke majboor main
Rabba teri kitta di sajaavan
Ik sun le aawaaz
Ik poori kar de meri aas
Ik mann jaa ardaas

How far do I sit, (how far I am)
becoming helpless,
O God, what are you punishing me for..
Listen to my voice once,
Fulfil my one wish,
listen to my one prayer..

Otho na mud ke, Otho na mud ke
Otho na mud ke bulaayin

Then I won't, I won't turn back and call you..
(to ask for anything again)

Jadon ambaraan barasyan paani
Mitti di khushboo..
Mitti di khushboo aayi..