Wo Mere Do Jahaan Saath Le Gaya Lyrics Translation | Haider

Movie: Haider
Music: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar, Kashmiri Folk
Singer: Suresh Wadkar, Shraddha Kapoor
Label: Junglee Music

This song is part Hindi, sung by Vishal's forever favorite Suresh Wadkar, and written by Gulzar, and part Kashmiri folk, sung by Shraddha Kapoor. The Kashmiri folk is in italics. Thanks to Shri Pavan Jha for helping with the Kashmiri folk parts and their meanings.

sire udhad gaye hain subah shaam ke
wo mere do jahaan saath le gaya,
tamaam daastaan saath le gayaa..

the ends of morning and evening are unravelled,
he took my two worlds with him,
he took (my/our) entire story with him..

Baetti naaye, dooryei
Chuon zaraay

I am also far from you
I am your soul mate (other half).
oh my beloved...

Kya kar hove tham

what should I do now, (you have shown me)
each & everything
oh my beloved..

wo bepanaah pyaar karta tha mujhe,
gaya to meri jaan saath le gaya,
tamaam daastaan saath le gaya..

He used to love me infinitely,
when he left, he took my life with him,
he took the entire story away with him...

Sharmand karthas
Kaymi haal yi zoon

you have embarrassed me,
o my sun/my bright light..
you don't know what I (moon) am going through..

Khand chaini
Ghach so
Lajj so daraeye

your pieces,
I cherish them,
waiting for you on my door,
oh my beloved..

main sajde se utha to koi bhi na tha,
wo paanv ke nishaan saath le gaya

When I got up from my prayer, there was no one there,
[implies that he was my god whom I was praying to.]
he took (even) his footprints with him..

gaya to meri jaan saath le gaya..
wo mere do jahaan saath le gaya,
tamaam daastaan saath le gayaa..