Cuz it's a Nonsense ki Night Lyrics Translation | Happy New Year

Movie: Happy New Year
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Lyrics: Farah Khan, Vishal, Shekhar
Singers: Mika Singh
Music Label: T-Series

In the song, every single line except the title is a Hindi proverb translated literally. However, the meanings of these proverbs are of course, proverbial, and should not be literal. So instead of translating the song literally, I am writing the Hindi proverb that is translated here, and giving it's original meaning.

Dance not coming, courtyard crooked
Proverb: Naach na Jaane Aangan Tedha
Meaning: When you don't know something, you try to blame something else.

Eating cake by being stupid
Proverb: Yeda ban ke peda khana
Meaning: Looking like an idiot and getting all the benefits.

Buffalo going in the water
Proverb: Gayi Bhains Paani mein
Meaning: Something goes bad, and out of control. Mostly because a buffalo, once in water, is really difficult to get out.

Gayi bhains paani mein..

If you tiger, me tiger and quarter

Proverb: Tu ser, to main sava ser.
Meaning: If you are good, I am better.
Glitch: Ser actually is an old unit used for weighing things, but sher means lion/tiger, and here they have translated sher instead of ser.

I'm feeling alright
Cause it's a nonsense ki night..

monkey what know flavour of ginger
Proverb: Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad
Meaning: More like, Casting pearls before swine. Offering good things to someone who cannot value them.

In the jungle peacock is dancing who has seen her...
Proverb: Jungle mein mor naacha kisne dekha
Meaning: If something good happens in private, no one knows about it. That is, for appreciation, it needs to come out in public.

Whose is stick his is buffalo
Proverb: Jiski laathi uski bhains
Meaning: Might is right. One with power has things in his favour.

But remember 'hundred of goldsmith's equals one of blacksmith'
Proverb: Sau sunaar ki, ek luhaar ki
Meaning: A powerful one is much stronger than many weak. Literal meaning is that a single hit by a blacksmith is more powerful than a hundred strokes of a goldsmith.

I'm feeling alright
Cause it's a nonsense ki night

Clouds that make noise, don't rain
Proverb: Jo (baadal) garajte hain, baraste nahi
Meaning: barking dogs seldom bite.

Staying in water don't be enemy of crocodile..
Proverb: Jal mein reh kar magar se bair nahi karte
Meaning: You shouldn't be against the big people of your field.


I'm feeling alright
Cause it's a nonsense ki night

All is in the well
If end is in the well

Proverb: All's well that ends well.
Hindi equivalent: Ant bhala to sab bhala. Literally the same meaning.
Glitch: You can see how they modified it. :D

Ho baaki duniya go to hell!

Rest of the world go to hell. This one's no proverb.