बुधवार, 6 अगस्त 2014

राम निरंजन न्यारा रे
Ram Niranjan Nyara Re

राम निरंजन न्यारा रे Ram niranjan nyara re

Ram Niranjan Nyara Re, Anjan Sakal Pasara Re
Anjan Utapati, Omkar, Anjan Mange Sab Bistar
Anjan Brahma Shankar Indar, Anjan Gopi Sangi Govind Re Anjan
Vani,? Anjan Ved, Anjan Kiya Na Na Bhed
Anjan Vidya Path Puran, Anjan Woh Kat Kat Hi Gyan Re
Anjan Paati Anjan Dev, Anjan Ki Kare Anjan Sev
Anjan Nache Anjan Gawe, Anjan Bhesh Anant Dikhawe
Re Anjan Kahan Kahan Lag Keta, Dan Puni Tap Tirath Jeta
Kahe Kabir Koi Birla Jage, Anjan Chaadhi Anant Hi Dage Re

Meaning -

Kabirdas ji was VERY INTELLIGENT. He understood the reality of this universe. A better scientific definition of this world can be understood by this column by him.

Ram the flawless one is different and He has scattered anjan (the black powder: here used for maya or illusion) everywhere.

Omkaar (the cosmic background sound) is originated by this contamination (maya) and it has spread out everywhere .Even Brahma, Shankar and Indra and even Govind with the gopis all are smirched .This black powder(maya) has made the voice and the vadas and it has taken different forms. Learning, reading, recitation, the ancient books all are products of this maya. Knowledge cheapened, mouthed for free is also dirty with this illusion.

The leaf in the oblation is illusion, illusion is the God in the shrine. They do everything in and with this illusion and use it for everything.

This illusion sings and this illusion dances and it shows infinite stretch. It ha its expansion where where and how much that the actions of donation, virtues, penance, pilgrimage all come under its limit. Kabir das ji says only few among millions awakens to get across this illusion targeting the real infinite.