Things that Give You a Kick in 'Kick'

Kick has quite some kick. I mean, come on, if you don't like Salman Khan, you just wouldn't read this review. But if you like his movies even a little, then yes, the movie gives some kick. There are a few low spots in the movie, but most of time it gives you something awesome. Be it the action, dialogs, small subplots, hero or villain.

Here is some of what works with Kick and what not.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Yes, this guy may be picking up filmfare and IIFA and all those awards that come for the best villain for his huge sinister laugh alone. He does it repeatedly, and yet you never think it's too much. The only scene where Salman looked a little low in the entire movie is where he tries to copy Nawaz's laugh. Nawaz is that good.

Hooda-Salman Chemistry

This is no spoiler that Randeep and Salman play a chor-police game in the movie. But it's their scenes together, and their conversations which are worth a watch. The movie picks pace when the two are on the run.


I may not be intelligent enough to get the depth of difference between script and screenplay, but I could easily see that they were good here, at least compared to a few earlier movies of Salman. Though there are a few weak points in the screenplay and script towards the end, thankfully the director bypasses them to give you an end that doesn't disappoint you. Of course, I am not going to kill your kick by telling whatever happened.

Btw, how foreign police works is an upgrade over Dhoom where our Police is helping the world like America helps the world find WMDs.


Main dil mein aata hoon, Samajh mein nahi. There, Salman tells the story of his relation with his fans in one line. Dialogs make one strong point of the movie. Especially the conversations of Salman and Randeep, and Nawaz's dialog are good. Salman and Mithun also have some small but interesting scenes together. Comedy and wit both are ever present in the movie.

Small subplots

Yes, Salman has been trying to put in some 'good for society' parts in his movies, and one of them on 'chhod na yaar' attitude was one of the praiseworthy things in the movie. Thanks to whoever wrote it. It could be a bit better maybe, but it's a good start nonetheless.


Once again, Salman, as well as Randeep, did some good action here. Other than the train sequence etc., a fight scene in the hospital [yes, that's a clue] is made quite interesting too. Cinematography of some scenes could be better, yet overall action is a treat.

Tere Bina Kick

Mujhe milti nahi. The song by Jasmine Sandlas and Honey Singh is a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head. Other than that, the music is Meet Bros Anjjan's hangover is sweet, simple and tikaau, and works well with Salman's voice too. Himesh excels in Tu hi Tu, but the song doesn't show up as much in the movie as I expected, while Jumme ki Raat is a timepass track. Still, three songs of the four should last some time.

Overall, if you like Salman, you will find your kick in the movie. Go watch if you haven't.