शुक्रवार, 4 जुलाई 2014

Neeli Neeli song lyrics and translation | Alludu Seenu (2014)

Movie: Alludu Seenu
Language: Telugu
Music: Devi Sri prasad

Neeli neeli neeli neeli kallallona
Nanu bandhinchaave manasandhinchaave
Nee vaalu vaalu vaalu vaalu choopullona
Nanu kattesave yedha chuttesaave

You've made me a prisoner in your blue eyes
In your oomph oozing eyes, you've got me.

Nachhaka nuvvila vadhiledhi nenela
Kadadhaaka ninnu daachukona chethi geethala
Nee chethi rekhalo ne premalekhanai
Prathiroju neetho nannu nenu chadhivinchukuntanila

Now that I've liked you so much, how am I to leave you? (How can I, I won't!)
Like the lines in our palms, I will have you till the end
I your hand I would become a lobe letter and get read(past tense) every day (like this)

Neeli neeli neeli neeli | Repeat |

Hey manase okatundantu adhi okariki ivvaalantu
Neevalle thelisochhenu ganuka neeke ichhesa
Thode kaavalantu yenaadu anukoledhu
Neevalle anipinchenu ganuka neetho vachhesa
Neekekkillu vasthayante thalavadame maanesthanu
Kalalokaina ika raanu neeku niddhar-undandhante

As I came to know about this love business because of you, I've lost my heart to you
I've never thought becoming committed, as I got such thoughts because of you, I'm(I came) with you
I won't remind you if it brings hiccups to you ( A superstition it is)
I won't even come into your dreams, if its the  reason why you're not able to sleep

Neeli neeli neeli neeli | Repeat |

Nadhila nuvvundaali padavai nenundaali
Jeevithamantha neevodilone gadipesthundaali
Ningai nuvvundaali jaabillai nenundaali
Aanandanga nee kougililo brathikesthundaali
Ninu chuse udhyogamlo selavantu pettanu nenu
Ika ye roju ninu thappa nannu guruthu chesukonu

You should be the river and I, the boat
Rest of my life should be in river's(yours) lap
You should be the sky and I, the moon
And time should be spent happily in your arms
I wouldn't apply any leave in the job of seeing you
I won't remember about self any day from now, but you!

Neeli neeli | Repeat |