शुक्रवार, 6 जून 2014

Naina Ashq Na Ho: Lyrics Translation | Holiday

Movie: Holiday
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Arijit Singh

Irshad Kamil is one of the few lyricists today who seem to try and do good work in almost every song they write. So you know what to expect when you have a situation of a soldier separating from his beloved. He comes up with a gem of a song, which is not only well written, but also kept to some minimal music by Pritam, as Arijit holds the mic.

Though the song is quite simple, there are places which affect one despite all their simplicity. Lines like 'Us pal jhonka ek ban ke aaunga main/ us pal zulfein palkein daaman chhoo jaaunga main' touch you as promised. He says a lot in much less words when he says 'Beete hue lamhon ke taare ginoonga main.' What a way to say that I cannot count the good moments we shared. Beautiful.

O yoon na lamha lamha meri yaad mein
Ho ke tanha tanha, mere baad mein
Naina ashq na ho
Maana kal se honge hum door
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho

This way, every moment, in my memory,
Becoming lonely after me,
there need not be tears in your eyes..
Though we'll be away from tomorrow,
there shouldn't be tears in your eyes. You shouldn't cry.

Main na lauta aane waale saal jo
Meri vardi bole mera haal to
Naina ashq na ho,
Ye samajhna main hoon majboor
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho

If I don't come back the next year,
If my uniform talks about me (and reminds you how I have to be away from you for my duty)
don't cry.
Understand that I am compelled,
and don't cry.. don't have tears in your eyes.

Beete hue lamhon ke taare, ginoonga main,
Aake tujhe khwaabon tere, miloonga main
Jab kabhi halki halki barkha aaye
Jab kabhi dil bhi yoon hi bhar sa jaaye
Jab kabhi halki halki barkhaa aaye
Us pal jhonka ek ban ke aaunga main
Us pal zulfein palkein daaman chhoo jaaunga main
teri choodi nagme gaaye jo mere
Teri palkon pe ho saaye jo mere
Naina ashq na ho
Ho aansoon karde humein kamzor
Naina ashq na ho, Naina ashq na ho

I'll count the stars of passed moments
[Here, stars expresses that there are countless good moments they have spent together]
I'll come and meet you in your dreams.
When a light drizzle comes,
when the heart gets filled up a bit [with emotions],
when there is a light drizzle,
That moment, I'll come as a gust of wind,
That moment, I'll touch your hair, your eyelids, and you,
when your bangles sing my songs,
when there are my shadows on your eyelids,
don't cry...
These tears make me weak,
don't cry, don't let tears be in your eyes.

Tere liye saansein aayein,
Tere liye jaayein, jaayein re, jaayein re
Rabba, rabba bairi se bichhode jaane kisne banaaye re
Haaye re haaye re haaye re
Doori tadpaaye, mere baad chaahe aaye yaad meri
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho
Naina ashq na ho, ashq na ho..

Breaths come for you,
and go for you, go for you..
[i.e. I inhale and exhale my breath for you. Inhaling is called saans aana, hence saans jaana, not used much though, would mean exhaling, of breath.]
O God, who made this enemy-like separations..
O God. O Lord..
(If) distance agonizes, and even if you're agonized by my memories after I go,
Don't cry, don't cry..

O likhi khat mein maine tujhe baat jo
Sona rakh ke takiye tale raat ko
Naina ashq na ho
Ye judaai bhi hai dastoor
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho..

The thing that I have written in the letter to you,
keep it under your pillow at night and sleep,
and don't cry.
Even this separation is a tradition (of the world, of love and lovers)
don't cry.. don't cry..

Main na lauta, aane waale saal jo
Meri vardi bole mera haal to
Naina ashq na ho,
Ye samajhna main hoon majboor
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho..