Reply to a Letter

Reply to a Letter

In the bottom drawer I find a letter which arrived for the first time twenty- six years ago. A letter written in panic, which continues to breathe when it arrives for the second time.
A house has five windows; through four of them daylight shines clear and still. The fifth window faces a dark sky, thunder and storm. I stand by the fifth window. The letter.
Sometimes a wide abyss separates Tuesday from Wednesday, but twenty-six years may pass in a moment. Time is no straight line. but rather a labyrinth. and if you press yourself against the wall, at the right spot, you can hear the hurrying steps and the voices, you can hear yourself walking past on the other side.
Was that letter ever answered? l don't remember, it was a long time ago. The innumerable thresholds of the sea continued to wander. The heart continued to leap from second to second, like the toad in the wet grass of a night in August.
The unanswered letters gather up above, like cirrostratus clouds foreboding a storm. They dim the rays of the sun. One day l shall reply. One day when I am dead and at last free to collect my thoughts. Or at least so far away from here that l can rediscover myself. When recently arrived I walk in the great city. On 25th Street, on the windy streets of dancing garbage. I who love to stroll and merge with the crowd, a capital letter T in the infinite body of text.

~ Tomas Tranströmer
translated by Göran Malmqvist
from The Blue House
art by emile claus
with thanks to whiskey river


The Immense Expanse Beyond

The Immense Expanse Beyond

The search for reason ends at the known; on the immense expanse beyond it only the sense of the ineffable can glide. It alone knows the route to that which is remote from experience and understanding. Neither of them is amphibious: reason cannot go beyond the shore, and the sense of the ineffable is out of place where we measure, where we weigh. We do not leave the shore of the known in search of adventure or suspense or because of the failure of reason to answer our questions. We sail because our mind is like a fantastic seashell, and when applying our ear to its lips we hear a perpetual murmur from the waves beyond the shore. Citizens of two realms, we all must sustain a dual allegiance: we sense the ineffable in one realm, we name and exploit reality in another. Between the two we set up a system of references, but we can never fill the gap. They are as far and as close to each other as time and calendar, as violin and melody, as life and what lies beyond the last breath.

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
from - Man Is Not Alone: A Philosophy of Religion
photo by Ansel Adams
with thanks to whiskey river


Awaari/ Awari Meaning

Awaara is a word. Awaargi is a word. Awarapan didn't use to be a word, but now is. Awaari wasn't a word. It may become one.

Awaara, as mentioned in another post, 'means someone away from or without a family, someone who roams around without any work etc., a wanderer, vagrant.'

Now, though Awaari didn't exist (a female awaara was still called awaara only, as in, awaara ladka, and awaara ladki, though the word is much less used with the fairer gender), there is a song titled awaari in Ek Villain, written by Pakistani band Soch. The meaning of the word as they want it is clear. A lady who is awaara, that is a lady who is homeless, vagrant, wandered, with nowhere to go, is an Awaari.


Awari/ Awaari Lyrics Translation | EK Villain

Movie: Ek Villain
Music and Lyrics: Rabbi Ahmed, Adnan Dhool
Singers: Adnan Dhool, Momina Mustehsan
Music Label: T-Series

Teri baahon mein jo sakoon tha mila
Maine dhoondha bahut tha
Phir na milaa...

The peace that I found in your arms,
I had looked for (that peace) a lot.
But I couldn't find it again.

Duniya chhoona chaahe mujh ko yoon
Jaise un ki saari ki saari main
Duniya dekhe roop mera
Koi na jaane bechaari main

The world wants to touch me
as if I am all theirs..
The world looks at my beauty
(but) no one knows how wretched I am..

Haaye, tooti saari ki saari main
Tere ishq mein hoi Awaari main

I am completely broken,
I have become homeless in your love..

Koi shaam bulaaye
Koi daam lagaaye
Main bhi upar se hansti
Par andar se haaye..

Someone calls me for the evenings,
Someone sets a price for me..
I, too, smile at the surface,
but inside, alas, (I am so sad).

Kyun dard chupaaye baithi hai,
Kyun tu mujh se kehti hai
Main to khud hi bikhra hua.
Haaye andar andar se toota main
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main

Why do you hide you pain inside,
Why do you say to me,
I am all shredded inside,
I've broken from inside.
In your love, I've become angry with myself.

Main jee bhar ke ro loon
Teri baahon mein so loon
Aa phir se mujhe mil
Main tujh se ye boloon
Tu anmol thi
Pal pal bolti thi
Aisi chup tu laga ke gayi
Saari khushiyaan kha ke gayi

I'd cry as much as I wish,
I'd sleep in your arms,
Come, meet me again,
I'd tell you the same thing again.
You were priceless,
and used to speak all the time,
now you have gone creating such a silence,
having ended all the happiness.

Haaye, andar andar se toota main
Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main

Haaye, teri hoon saari ki saari main
tere liye na saari main


The Blue House

The Blue House Tomas Tranströmer

It is night with glaring sunshine. I stand in the woods and look towards my house with its misty blue walls. As though I were recently dead and saw the house from a new angle.

It has stood for more than eighty summers. Its timber has been impregnated, four times with joy and three times with sorrow. When someone who has lived in the house dies it is repainted. The dead person paints it himself, without a brush, from the inside.

On the other side is open terrain. Formerly a garden, now wilderness. A still surf of weed, pagodas of weed, an unfurling body of text, Upanishads of weed, a Viking fleet of weed, dragon heads, lances, an empire of weed.
Above the overgrown garden flutters the shadow of a boomerang, thrown again and again. It is related to someone who lived in the house long before my time. Almost a child. An impulse issues from him, a thought, a thought of will: “create. . .draw. ..” In order to escape his destiny in time.

The house resembles a child’s drawing. A deputizing childishness which grew forth because someone prematurely renounced the charge of being a child. Open the doors, enter! Inside unrest dwells in the ceiling and peace in the walls. Above the bed there hangs an amateur painting representing a ship with seventeen sails, rough sea and a wind which the gilded frame cannot subdue.

It is always so early in here, it is before the crossroads, before the irrevocable choices. I am grateful for this life! And yet I miss the alternatives. All sketches wish to be real.

A motor far out on the water extends the horizon of the summer night. Both joy and sorrow swell in the magnifying glass of the dew. We do not actually know it, but we sense it: our life has a sister vessel which plies an entirely different route. While the sun burns behind the islands.

~ Tomas Tranströmer
translated by Göran Malmqvist


Awara/ Awaara, Awaargi, Awarapan Meaning

Awaara [Hindi:आवारा,Urdu:آوارہ] is a Hindi/ Urdu word which means someone away from or without a family, someone who roams around without any work etc., a wanderer, vagrant.

Awaargi or Aawaargi is the word for such state of wandering, vagrancy. The word can be heard in many songs including the one titled 'Main aur Meri Awargi' (I and My Vagrancy) sung by Kishore Kumar and then Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Awargi is also the title of a famous ghazal sung by Ghulam Ali.

Awarapan would be a word with the same meaning as Awargi. As such, the word didn't really exist or at least used much until the movie Awarapan came up, as Awargi was the used form for the word. However, like one can add -ness to any adjective and create a noun, similarly in Hindi one can add -pan to many words and make nouns out of adjectives, like paagalpan from paagal. So here they have added -pan to Awara and made it awarapan. Wandererness, or Vagrantness if you will, or simply, Vagrancy.


Do everything with a mind that lets go.

 Achaan Chah

Do everything with a mind that lets go.
If you let go a little, you will have a little peace.
If you let go a lot, you will have a lot of peace.
If you let go completely, you will know complete peace and freedom.
Your struggles with the world will have come to an end.

~ Achaan Chah, (1918-1992)

Ajahn (sometimes spelled Achaan) Chah was born into a large and comfortable family in a rural village in Northeast Thailand. He ordained as a novice in early youth and on reaching the age of twenty took higher ordination as a monk. As a young monk he studied some basic Dhamma, Discipline and scriptures. Later he practiced meditation under the guidance of several of the local Meditation Masters in the Ascetic Forest Tradition. He wandered for a number of years in the style of an ascetic monk, sleeping in forests, caves and cremation grounds, and spent a short but enlightening period with Ajahn Mun, one of the most famous and respected Thai Meditation Masters of this century.


Jumme ki Raat Hai Lyrics Translation | Kick

Movie: Kick
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Kumaar, Shabbir Ahmed
Singer: Mika Singh, Palak Muchhal
Music Label: T-Series

Himesh Reshammiya once again creates a sticking tune for Salman Khan that would easily stick in one's mind after listening to the song a few times, quite like the beginning tune in Teri-Meri-Meri-Teri of Bodyguard, but this time for a fun song. Also, look for an interesting interlude around 3 minutes into the song.

Arre jumme ki raat hai,
Chumme ki baat hai,
Allah bachaaye mujhe tere waar se..

It's the night of Friday,
it's about a kiss,
God save me from your attack..

Jaane kya hona hai
Jaane kya khona hai
Teri jawaani to jaadu hai tona hai
Jalwon mein aandhi hai
Aandhi mein toofaan hai
Kar dein na mujhko tabaah

I don't know what has to happen,
I don't know what is to be lost,
Your youth is some kind of magic..
There is stormy wind in your styles,
and storm in those winds..
I hope they (your styles) don't ruin me..
[i.e. I want to be saved from all your dangerous styles.]

Saari ki saari hai tu golabaari
Ki mushkil hai khud ko bachaana
Maar hi na daale meri jaan nikaale
Uff Allah bachaaye mujhe
Haye tere pyaar se..

You're completely bombardment,
and it's tough to save myself..
it'll kill me, it'll take life out of me,
May God save me from your love..

Are jumme ki raat hai
Chumme ki baat hai
Allah bachaaye mujhe tere vaar se

Maana tujh mein gazab ka nashaa hai..
Tujh pe koi bhi hoga fidaa
Lekin naa khel dil se mere
Main to dil se bhi hoon sarphira
Ik main baat kahoon
Do pal saath rahoon
Phir main agle hi pal hoon hawa
Kiya jo kuch bhi kahin
Mujhe kuch yaad nahi
Karoon main kya ye mujhe tu bataa..

I agree there is an awesome intoxication in you,
anyone would die for you..
but don't play with my heart,
I am a headcase even from the heart..
I say one thing,
I stay with you for just two moments,
and then the next moment, I am gone..
Whatever I did anywhere,
I don't remember a thing.
So tell me what do I do..

Saari ki saari hai tu golabaari
Ki mushkil hai khud ko bachaana
Maar hi na daale meri jaan nikaale
Uff Allah bachaaye mujhe
Haaye tere pyaar say..

Jumme ki raat hai
Chumme ki baat hai
Allah bachaaye mujhe tere waar se

Jaanoon teri main bemaaniyan
Chaahe kar le tu shaitaaniyaan
Zid pe ad jaaungi aaj main
Ab karungi main manmaaniyaan
Nazrein tujh pe meri
Le loon main jaan teri
Peechha na chhodun tera, main yahaan
Pyaar mein doongi sazaa
Mujh se bach ke tu dikhaa
Aaj tu jaane waala hai kahaan

I know your dishonesty.
Even if you do mischiefs,
Today I'll stick to my guns..
Now I'll do what my heart says.
My eyes are on you.
I'll take your life,
I'll not leave you alone here..
I'll punish you in love,
If you can, try and protect yourself from me,
Where can you go today!

Saari ki saari hai tu golabaari
Ki mushqil hai khud ko bachaana
Maar hi na daale meri jaan nikaale
Uff Allah bachaaye mujhe
Haaye tere pyaar say..

Arey jumme ki raat hai
Chumme ki baat hai
Allah bachaaye mujhe tere waar se


Zaroori Tha Lyrics Translation [Rahat Fateh Ali Khan]

Music Composer: Sahir Ali Bagga
Lyrics: Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Featuring: Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon
Music Label: Universal

Lafz kitne hi tere pairon se lipte honge
Tune jab aakhiri khat mera jalaaya hoga
Tune jab phool, kitaabon se nikaale honge
Dene waala bhi tujhe yaad to aaya hoga


Kise/ Ise Kehte Hain Hip-Hop Hip Hop | Yo Yo Honey Singh

Music: Honey Singh
Lyrics, Singers: Honey Singh, Lil Golu
Music Label: T-Series

Yo Yo Honey Singh comes up with another catchy number, and in this one, he talks all about himself, and promises to get a Grammy home too. As the name says, this one is purely a hip hop number, and the song as well as the video are quite simplistic, and yet catchy. The lyrics maybe a little narcissistic in some people's opinion. However, it's the artist's own expression and we are not responsible for that in any way. ;)

Kise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..
ise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..

What's called Hip-hop Hip-hop,
This is called Hip-hop Hip-hop..

Shuru kiya maine as a music director
Aaj mere yaar dost bade-bade actor
Waise Bollywood mein aati roz picturein
Par superhit picturon ka Yo Yo X-Factor
Ye main nahi kehta wo khud yehi maante
Koyle ki khaan mein heere ko pehchaante
Middle class boy aaj superstar hai
Chartered mein ghoome aur chaar badi car hai

I started as a music director,
Today big actors are my friends.
As such movies come everyday in Bollywood,
but Yo-Yo is the X-factor of superhit films.
I don't say this, they themselves agree.
They recognize the diamond in the coal mine.
Middle class boy is superstar today.
He travels in chartered flights and has four big cars.

Isey kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop
bete ise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..

This is called Hip-hop Hip-hop
my son, this is called Hip-hop Hip-hop..

Million dollars, I don't give a damn
Kudiyaan-shudiyaan, I don't give a damn
Badi hai soch meri, bade hain plans
Jo kuch bhi hoon, 'cause of my fans
Jo bhi maine bola wo main karke dikhaaunga
Mere liye duaa karo, Grammy le aaunga
Kasam Bajrang Bali ki
Desi ghee ki boondi, sakarpare batwaaunga

Million dollars, I don't give a damn
girls etc., I don't give a damn
My thought process is big and I've big plans
Whatever I am, 'cause of my fans
Whatever I said, I'll do it,
Pray for me, I'll take home a Grammy.
I swear in the name of God [Lord Hanuman],
I'll distribute pure ghee sweets..

Jis din, jis din, jis din, jis din
Jis din... main Grammy le aaunga

The day, the day, the day, the day,
the day I get Grammy..

kise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip Hop
Isse kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop

Lil Golu:
Pehla gaana suna maine jab "Ass like that"
Khud se kiya tha sawaal
Golu, who the damn is that?
Raat bhar wo gaana kaanon mein bajaaya
Tab kahin jaake mujhe thoda samajh aaya

When I heard the first song "Ass like that"
I asked myself the question
Golu, Who the damn is that?
All night I played that song in my ears,
Then only I was able to understand a little bit of it.

Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Eazy-E
Bollywood mein nahin Hip Hop mein tarjeeh
Hip Hop ki samajh mere DNA mein thi
I'm feeling so high, Baby so stress free

Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Eazy-E
My preference was not in Bollywood but in Hip Hop.
The understanding of Hip Hop was in my DNA,
I'm feeling so high, Baby so stress free

Chocolate na hoti to phir socho kaisa hota
Bournvita na hota to phir doodh ka kya hota
Socho Honey Singh hi agar paida hua na hota
To phir music industry ka revolution hi nahi hota

If there was no chocolate, think how would it be.
If there was no bournvita, what would have happened to milk.
Think if Honey Singh was not born,
then there would be no revolution in the music industry.

Main ulti t-shirt daaloon meri marzi
Main gaaun ya naa gaaun baby meri marzi
Hygiene wala naatak-shaatak mujhse nahi hota
Saat din na nahaaun baby meri marzi

Whether I wear the t-shirt inside out, it's my wish
Whether I sing or not, it's my wish
I can't do the hygiene etc. drama,
If I don't take bath for seven days, it's my wish.

Kise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop..
Ise kehte hain Hip-Hop Hip-Hop


A blaze of Light

There's a blaze of light
In every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

~ Leonard Cohen

Pablo Picasso

My eyes so fix
upon your image
that whatever I gaze at
I imagine you.

~ Fakhruddin Iraqi
from Divine Flashes


Mujhe Teri Zaroorat Hai Lyrics Translation [Ek Villain]

Movie: Ek Villain
Music and Lyrics: Mithoon
Singer: Mustafa Zahid
Music Label: T-Series

Mithoon, the champion of soft and touching love ballads, this time gets Mustafa Zahid to sing another love ballad, though this time with a rock flavor. Zahid, who mostly has sung his own individual compositions in Indian movies is best known for his Tera Mera Rishta Purana and To Phir Aao from Awarapan, which was also a Mohit Suri film.

Ye dil tanha kyun rahe
Kyun hum tukdon mein jiyein
Kyun rooh meri ye sahe
Main adhooraa jee rahaa hoon
Har dam ye keh rahaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai..

Why should this heart remain lonely,
Why should we live in pieces..
Why should my soul bear this..
I've been living alone..
I'm saying this every moment,
that I need you..
That I need you..

Andheron se tha mera rishta bada
Tune hi ujaalon se waakif kiya
Ab lauta main hoon in andheron mein phir
To paaya hai khud ko begaana yahaan
Tanhaayi bhi mujhse khafaa ho gayi
Banjaaron ne bhi thukra diya
Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Khud par hi ik sazaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

With darkness there was a close relationship of mine.
You're the one who made me know lights..
Now that I've come back to these darknesses,
I've found myself lonely here..
Even loneliness is angry with me now..
Even the homeless pushed me away
[as in, even the homeless don't let me stay with them, I don't even have a home with the homeless.]
I am living incomplete,
I am a punishment for myself.
I need you..
I need you...

Tere jism ki wo khushbuyein
Ab bhi in saanson mein zinda hai
Mujhe ho rahi in se ghutan
Mere gale ka ye phanda hai

Those fragrances of your body
are still alive in these breaths..
I'm feeling choked due to them,
they are the noose around my neck.

teri choodiyon ki wo khanak
Yaadon ke kamre mein goonje hai
Sun kar ise aata hai yaad
Haathon mein mere zanjeerein hain
Tu hi aa ke in ko nikaal zaraa
Kar mujhe yahaan se rihaa
Main adhoora jee raha hoon
Ye sadaayein de rahaa hoon
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai
Mujhe teri zaroorat hai

that clinking of your bangles,
echoes in the room of memories..
hearing this I am reminded
that there are chains around my hands..
you only come and remove them..
free me from here..
I am living incomplete..
I am calling you..
I need you,
I need you.



in the dragonfly's eye -

Kobayashi Issa
from Zen Poetry: Let the Spring Breeze Enter
translated by Lucien Stryk and Takashi Ikemoto


sea foam

Moment by moment you await understanding, spiritual perception, peace and good to arrive from nonexistence. Nonexistence, then, is God's factory from which He continually produces goods.

He has caused what is nonexistent to appear magnificently existent, while the truly existent He has caused to appear as nonexistent.
He has hidden the Sea, yet made the foam visible;
He has concealed the Wind, but displayed the dust.

The dust whirls in the air higher than a minaret: does it rise by itself? You see the dust borne high, but the Wind you don't see, although you can surmise it.

You see the white-capped waves tumbling in every direction, but without the Sea the foam has no way to move.
You see the foam by sense perception and the Sea by induction:
just as speech is manifest and thought is hidden.

~ Rumi
art by O'Keeffe


stretch out

Leave the familiar for a while.
Let your senses and bodies stretch out
Like a welcomed season
Onto the meadows and shores and hills.
Open up to the Roof.

Make a new water-mark on your excitement
And love.
Like a blooming night flower,
Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness
And giving
Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.
All the hemispheres in existence
Lie beside an equator
In your heart.

Greet Yourself
In your thousand other forms
As you mount the hidden tide and travel
Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven
Are sitting around a fire
While stitching themselves together
Into the Great Circle inside of

~ Hafiz


Banjaara/ Banjara Meaning

Banjaara or Banjara [Hindi:बंजारा] is a Hindi word which is used for a kind of nomadic people, who roam around living here and there, with no permanent house.

Banjara used to be a tribe or group of tribes, but slowly the word has become with nomads in general as there is no general word in Hindi for people with a nomadic lifestyle. Banjaara, the word, probably came from the word Banjar, which is Hindi for barren, waste land, and the fact that these banjaras were people who could not cultivate because of being in desert areas.

The word in poetry is also used for people who don't know where to go and think of themselves as homeless.

For the Entire Lyrics' Translation of the song Banjaara from Ek Villain, CLICK HERE.


the "I" creature and the moon

There’s a moon in my body, but I can't see it!
A moon and a sun.
A drum never touched by hands, beating, and I can’t hear it! 

As long as a human being worries about when he will die,
and what he has that is his, all of his works are zero.

When affection for the I-creature and what it owns is dead,
then the work of the Teacher is over.

The purpose of labor is to learn;
when you know it, the labor is over.

The apple blossom exists to create fruit; when that
comes, the petal falls.

The musk is inside the deer, but the deer does not
look for it: it wanders around looking for grass.

~ Kabir


no problem

The problem is there is no problem and
the problem solvers have nothing to do
so they start creating problems out
of thin air, out of nothing. Then the problem
is not to see that there are big problems
everywhere and it is woe unto
him or her who cannot see or who will
not acknowledge the problems—they become
part of the problem, a big part of it,
their apathy or obstinacy holding
progress back until they are educated
to the fact that, one, there are big problems,
and, two, if you are not part of solving
them then you represent the problem
the problem solvers have been talking about
all along. So you see now how it is:
there is no problem worse than no problem.

~ Kevin McCaffrey
 from Laughing Cult


Jayati Te ‘dhikam janmana vrajah

Krsna Dvaipayana Vyasa has written this song “jayati te ‘dhikam janmana vrajah”. The official name of this song is Gopi Gitam (The Gopīs’ Songs of Separation). This song has been spoken by Satyavrata Muni in a conversation with Nārada Muni. This song is taken from the book Bhagavata Purana (Section: Canto 10 Chapter 31 Verses 1 to 19). This song is sung by the gopis of Vraja in separation from Lord Krishna, wherein they glorify Lord Krishna, who has enchanted their hearts.
gopya ucuh
jayati te 'dhikam janmana vrajah
srayata indira sasvad atra hi
dayita drsyatam diksu tavakas
tvayi dhrtasavas tvam vicinvate
sarad-udasaye sadhu-jata-sat-
sarasijodara-sri-musa drsa
surata-natha te 'sulka-dasika
vara-da nighnato neha kim vadhah
visa-jalapyayad vyala-raksasad
varsa-marutad vaidyutanalat
vrsa-mayatmajad visvato bhayad
rsabha te vayam raksita muhuh
na khalu gopika-nandano bhavan
akhila-dehinam antaratma-drk
vikhanasarthito visva-guptaye
sakha udeyivan satvatam kule
viracitabhayam vrsni-dhurya te
caranam iyusam samsrter bhayat
kara-saroruham kanta kama-dam
sirasi dhehi nah sri-kara-graham
vraja-janarti-han vira yositam
bhaja sakhe bhavat-kińkarih sma no
jalaruhananam caru darsaya
pranata-dehinam papa-karsanam
trna-caranugam sri-niketanam
phani-phanarpitam te padambujam
krnu kucesu nah krndhi hrc-chayam
madhuraya gira valgu-vakyaya
budha-manojshaya puskareksana
vidhi-karir ima vira muhyatir
adhara-sidhunapyayayasva nah
tava kathamrtam tapta-jivanam
kavibhir iditam kalmasapaham
sravana-mańgalam srimad atatam
bhuvi grnanti ye bhuri-da janah
prahasitam priya-prema-viksanam
viharanam ca te dhyana-mańgalam
rahasi samvido ya hrdi sprsah
kuhaka no manah ksobhayanti hi
calasi yad vrajac carayan pasun
nalina-sundaram natha te padam
sila-trnańkuraih sidatiti nah
kalilatam manah kanta gacchati
dina-pariksaye nila-kuntalair
vanaruhananam bibhrad avrtam
ghana-rajasvalam darsayan muhur
manasi nah smaram vira yacchasi
pranata-kama-dam padmajarcitam
dharani-mandanam dhyeyam apadi
carana-pańkajam santamam ca te
ramana nah stanesv arpayadhi-han
surata-vardhanam soka-nasanam
svarita-venuna susthu cumbitam
itara-raga-vismaranam nrnam
vitara vira nas te 'dharamrtam
atati yad bhavan ahni kananam
truti yugayate tvam apasyatam
kutila-kuntalam sri-mukham ca te
jada udiksatam paksma-krd drsam
ativilańghya te 'nty acyutagatah
gati-vidas tavodgita-mohitah
kitava yositah kas tyajen nisi
rahasi samvidam hrc-chayodayam
prahasitananam prema-viksanam
brhad-urah sriyo viksya dhama te
muhur ati-sprha muhyate manah
vraja-vanaukasam vyaktir ańga te
vrjina-hantry alam visva-mańgalam
tyaja manak ca nas tvat-sprhatmanam
sva-jana-hrd-rujam yan nisudanam
yat te sujata-caranamburuham stanesu
bhitah sanaih priya dadhimahi karkasesu
tenatavim atasi tad vyathate na kim svit
kurpadibhir bhramati dhir bhavad-ayusam nah
(1) The gopīs said: O beloved, Your birth in the land of Vraja has made it exceedingly glorious, and thus Indirā, the goddess of fortune, always resides here. It is only for Your sake that we, Your devoted servants, maintain our lives. We have been searching everywhere for You, so please show Yourself to us.>

(2) O Lord of love, in beauty Your glance excels the whorl of the finest, most perfectly formed lotus within the autumn pond. O bestower of benedictions, You are killing the maidservants who have given themselves to You freely, without any price. Isn't this murder?

(3) O greatest of personalities, You have repeatedly saved us from all kinds of danger from poisoned water, from the terrible man-eater Agha, from the great rains, from the wind demon, from the fiery thunderbolt of Indra, from the bull demon and from the son of Maya Dānava.
(4) You are not actually the son of the gopī Yaśodā, O friend, but rather the indwelling witness in the hearts of all embodied souls. Because Lord Brahmā prayed for You to come and protect the universe, You have now appeared in the Sātvata dynasty.
(5) O best of the Vṛṣṇis, Your lotuslike hand, which holds the hand of the goddess of fortune, grants fearlessness to those who approach Your feet out of fear of material existence. O lover, please place that wish-fulfilling lotus hand on our heads.
(6) O You who destroy the suffering of Vraja's people, O hero of all women, Your smile shatters the false pride of Your devotees. Please, dear friend, accept us as Your maidservants and show us Your beautiful lotus face.
(7) Your lotus feet destroy the past sins of all embodied souls who surrender to them. Those feet follow after the cows in the pastures and are the eternal abode of the goddess of fortune. Since You once put those feet on the hoods of the great serpent Kāliya, please place them upon our breasts and tear away the lust in our hearts.
(8) O lotus-eyed one, Your sweet voice and charming words, which attract the minds of the intelligent, are bewildering us more and more. Our dear hero, please revive Your maidservants with the nectar of Your lips.
(9) The nectar of Your words and the descriptions of Your activities are the life and soul of those suffering in this material world. These narrations, transmitted by learned sages, eradicate one's sinful reactions and bestow good fortune upon whoever hears them. These narrations are broadcast all over the world and are filled with spiritual power. Certainly those who spread the message of Godhead are most munificent.
(10) Your smiles, Your sweet, loving glances, the intimate pastimes and confidential talks we enjoyed with You all these are auspicious to meditate upon, and they touch our hearts. But at the same time, O deceiver, they very much agitate our minds.
(11) Dear master, dear lover, when You leave the cowherd village to herd the cows, our minds are disturbed with the thought that Your feet, more beautiful than a lotus, will be pricked by the spiked husks of grain and the rough grass and plants.
(12) At the end of the day You repeatedly show us Your lotus face, covered with dark blue locks ofhair and thickly powdered with dust. Thus, O hero, You arouse lusty desires in our minds.
(13) Your lotus feet, which are worshiped by Lord Brahmā, fulfill the desires of all who bow down to them. They are the ornament of the earth, they give the highest satisfaction, and in times of danger they are the appropriate object of meditation. O lover, O destroyer of anxiety, please put those lotus feet upon our breasts.
(14) O hero, kindly distribute to us the nectar of Your lips, which enhances conjugal pleasure and vanquishes grief. That nectar is thoroughly relished by Your vibrating flute and makes people forget any other attachment.
(15) When You go off to the forest during the day, a tiny fraction of a second becomes like a millennium for us because we cannot see You. And even when we can eagerly look upon Your beautiful face, so lovely with its adornment of curly locks, our pleasure is hindered by our eyelids, which were fashioned by the foolish creator.
(16) Dear Acyuta, You know very well why we have come here. Who but a cheater like You would abandon young women who come to see Him in the middle of the night, enchanted by the loud song of His flute? Just to see You, we have completely rejected our husbands, children, ancestors, brothers and other relatives.
(17) Our minds are repeatedly bewildered as we think of the intimate conversations we had with You in secret, feel the rise of lust in our hearts and remember Your smiling face, Your loving glances and Your broad chest, the resting place of the goddess of fortune. Thus we experience the most severe hankering for You.
(18) O beloved, Your all-auspicious appearance vanquishes the distress of those living in Vraja's forests. Our minds long for Your association. Please give to us just a bit of that medicine, which counteracts the disease in Your devotees' hearts.
(19) O dearly beloved! Your lotus feet are so soft that we place them gently on our breasts, fearing that Your feet will be hurt. Our life rests only in You. Our minds, therefore, are filled with anxiety that Your tender feet might be wounded by pebbles as You roam about on the forest path.


Naina Ashq Na Ho: Lyrics Translation | Holiday

Movie: Holiday
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Arijit Singh

Irshad Kamil is one of the few lyricists today who seem to try and do good work in almost every song they write. So you know what to expect when you have a situation of a soldier separating from his beloved. He comes up with a gem of a song, which is not only well written, but also kept to some minimal music by Pritam, as Arijit holds the mic.

Though the song is quite simple, there are places which affect one despite all their simplicity. Lines like 'Us pal jhonka ek ban ke aaunga main/ us pal zulfein palkein daaman chhoo jaaunga main' touch you as promised. He says a lot in much less words when he says 'Beete hue lamhon ke taare ginoonga main.' What a way to say that I cannot count the good moments we shared. Beautiful.

O yoon na lamha lamha meri yaad mein
Ho ke tanha tanha, mere baad mein
Naina ashq na ho
Maana kal se honge hum door
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho

This way, every moment, in my memory,
Becoming lonely after me,
there need not be tears in your eyes..
Though we'll be away from tomorrow,
there shouldn't be tears in your eyes. You shouldn't cry.

Main na lauta aane waale saal jo
Meri vardi bole mera haal to
Naina ashq na ho,
Ye samajhna main hoon majboor
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho

If I don't come back the next year,
If my uniform talks about me (and reminds you how I have to be away from you for my duty)
don't cry.
Understand that I am compelled,
and don't cry.. don't have tears in your eyes.

Beete hue lamhon ke taare, ginoonga main,
Aake tujhe khwaabon tere, miloonga main
Jab kabhi halki halki barkha aaye
Jab kabhi dil bhi yoon hi bhar sa jaaye
Jab kabhi halki halki barkhaa aaye
Us pal jhonka ek ban ke aaunga main
Us pal zulfein palkein daaman chhoo jaaunga main
teri choodi nagme gaaye jo mere
Teri palkon pe ho saaye jo mere
Naina ashq na ho
Ho aansoon karde humein kamzor
Naina ashq na ho, Naina ashq na ho

I'll count the stars of passed moments
[Here, stars expresses that there are countless good moments they have spent together]
I'll come and meet you in your dreams.
When a light drizzle comes,
when the heart gets filled up a bit [with emotions],
when there is a light drizzle,
That moment, I'll come as a gust of wind,
That moment, I'll touch your hair, your eyelids, and you,
when your bangles sing my songs,
when there are my shadows on your eyelids,
don't cry...
These tears make me weak,
don't cry, don't let tears be in your eyes.

Tere liye saansein aayein,
Tere liye jaayein, jaayein re, jaayein re
Rabba, rabba bairi se bichhode jaane kisne banaaye re
Haaye re haaye re haaye re
Doori tadpaaye, mere baad chaahe aaye yaad meri
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho
Naina ashq na ho, ashq na ho..

Breaths come for you,
and go for you, go for you..
[i.e. I inhale and exhale my breath for you. Inhaling is called saans aana, hence saans jaana, not used much though, would mean exhaling, of breath.]
O God, who made this enemy-like separations..
O God. O Lord..
(If) distance agonizes, and even if you're agonized by my memories after I go,
Don't cry, don't cry..

O likhi khat mein maine tujhe baat jo
Sona rakh ke takiye tale raat ko
Naina ashq na ho
Ye judaai bhi hai dastoor
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho..

The thing that I have written in the letter to you,
keep it under your pillow at night and sleep,
and don't cry.
Even this separation is a tradition (of the world, of love and lovers)
don't cry.. don't cry..

Main na lauta, aane waale saal jo
Meri vardi bole mera haal to
Naina ashq na ho,
Ye samajhna main hoon majboor
Naina ashq na ho, naina ashq na ho..


nothings a gift

Nothing's a gift, it's all on loan.
I'm drowning in debts up to my ears.
I'll have to pay for myself
with my self,
give up my life for my life.

Here's how it's arranged:
The heart can be repossessed,
the liver, too,
and each single finger and toe.

Too late to tear up the terms,
my debts will be repaid,
and I'll be fleeced,
or, more precisely, flayed.

I move about the planet
in a crush of other debtors.
some are saddled with the burden
of paying off their wings.
Others must, willy-nilly,
account for every leaf.

Every tissue in us lies
on the debit side.
Not a tentacle or tendril
is for keeps.

The inventory, infinitely detailed,
implies we'll be left
not just empty-handed
but handless too.

I can't remember
where, when, and why
I let someone open
this account in my name.

We call the protest against this
the soul.
And it's the only item
not included on the list.

Wislawa Szymborska
translated by Stanislaw Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh
with thanks to  Death Deconstructed


Alaahada Lyrics Translation | Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

Movie: Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Shiraz Uppal

Alaahada Alaahda
Hue to hain Alaahada
Poori tarah magar nahi
Hue hain kyun Alaahda
Alaahada Alahada
Hain naam se Alaahada
Judi hui hai rooh to
Hain naam ke Alaahda
Tere bagair, jeena lagta hai khaali
Dil hai magar, seena lagta hai khaali

Separated, separated,
we are separated..
Yet, why have we not completely separated?
separated, separated,
we're separated by name..
still, when the souls are connected,
we're separated for just namesake..
Without you, it's an empty feeling to live..
There is heart in it, but the chest feels empty.

Meri gali alaahada
Tera shehar alaahada
Yaadon ka hai pata wohi
Jahaan hue alaahada

My street is separate,
and your city separate..
The address of memories is the same
where we were separated.

Tere bagair, jeena lagta hai khaali
Dil hai magar, seena lagta hai khaali

Din raat adhoorapan cheere
Zang lage ghuroor ki dhaar se
Takiye ka neend se to jhagda hua sa hai
Kaante ghadiyon ke dheere
Chale hain kyun..
chale hain kyun waqt se..

Day and night, incompleteness rips me apart
with the edge of rusted pride..
The pillow seems to have had a fight with the sleep.
Why are the hands of clock
running slower,
running slower than the time...?

Tere bagair, jeena lagta hai khaali
Dil hai magar, seena lagta hai khaali

Seena lagta hai khaali.


Alaahada/ Alahada/ Alahda Meaning

Alaahda [also spelled as Alahada or Alaahada, Urdu:علاحدہ, Hindi:अलाहदा] is an Urdu word which means separate or seperated. In common Hindi, the simple synonym for the word is 'alag.'

The line "alaahda-alaahada, hue to hain alaahada" from the film Lekar Hum Deewana Dil would mean that we have been separated [yet we are not completely separated, as the song ahead says]. The song is sung by popular Pakistani singer Shiraz Uppal for music director A R Rahman.


Meri Manzil ka Raasta/ Maloom Lyrics Translation [LHDD]

Movie: Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Hriday Gattani, Jonita Gandhi, Nakash Aziz

Paisa vaisa kya pata
Kaun kaisa kya pata
Zinda hoon aaj main
Is se zyada kya pata

I don't know about money etc.
How would I know who's how?
I am alive today,
what do I know more than that?

Mera to zamaane se
Lena dena hi nahin
Yaara gustaakhi maaf
Itna hi maaloom..
Jis pe bhi tu saath ho
Bas itna hi maaloom
Yakeen hai wahi hai
Meri manzil ka raasta..
Meri manzil ka raasta..

I don't have anything to do
with the world..
The disrespect be pardoned, but O friend,
I just know this much -
On whichever you're with me,
I just know, and believe,
that's the way to my destination.
the way to my destination.

Ooh ooh ooh...
Taare kaise bhala
Hain todte kya pata
Taare mil bhi gaye toh
Tu karegi bhi kya

I don't know
how to pluck stars..
Even if you get the stars,
what will you do?

Main gair maamooli kartab dikha karke
Saabit karoon bol kya..
Kya hai tu mere liye seedhe saade se
Lafzon mein sun le zara

(and) by showing uncommon stunts,
what do I even prove?
Just listen to what you are for me
in simple straightforward words..

huh haa huh haa huh haa...
la la la la la la...

Kasmein kya pata
Reetein-rasmein kya pata
Sachche pyaar ki
Kismein-vismein kya pata

I don't know promises,
I don't know manners and ways (of the world),
I don't even know the types etc
of true love.

Mera to zamaane se
Lena dena hi nahi
Yaara gustaakhi maaf
Itna hi maaloom..
Jis pe bhi tu sath ho
Bas itna hi maaloom
Yakeen hai wahi hai
Meri manzil ka raastaa..
Manzil ka raastaa..


Saripovu lyrics and translation | Karthikeya (2014)

Movie: Karthikeya
Music: Sekhar Chandra

Saripovu koti kanulaina
Saripovu laksha yedhalaina
Nee darshinchi, dharicheri valachendhuku

Millions of eyes, wouldn't be enough
Lakhs of hearts, wouldn't be enough
For seeing you, and getting you!!

Saripovu baashalennaina
Saripovu maatalennaina
Ninnu varninchi okasaari pilichendhuku

Languages(how many ever), wouldn't be enough
Words wouldn't be enough
For describing you and calling you!

Chaaladhuga enthaina samayam
Aagadhuga neetho ee payanam
Kallane Cheri gundelo dhoori swaasala  maarinaave

It wouldn't be enough how much ever I spend with you
This journey with you wouldn't stop
Through eyes, you creeper into my heart and my breath you're now!!!

Swathi chinukai naalo dhookaave ekamga
Swathi muthyam laaga maarave chithramga

Like a pure drop from the sky, you've jumped(fallen)
You've become a pure pearl to my surprise

Saripovu | Repeat |

Entaa navvatam,choodatam, gundene koyyadam
Dhoorame penchadam, endhuko eeyadam
Manasuki thelisina maata, palakadhu pedhavula janta
Yedhuruga Nuvvu raagane naakedho avthundhata
Kanulamundhu Nuvvu ninchuna, ne kallu moosi kala gantunna
Andhulone thelipothu needalaga neetho unna

Killer smile, killer gaze and you're making me mad
Keeping distance, why is this place (between us) for?
Heart knows the thing which wouldn't come out of my lips
Something is happening to me, when you confront me
Though you're standing Infront of me,  I'm dreaming
And in that dream, I lost myself and became a shadow ( to be with you )

Swathi jallai nanne munchaave motthamga
Swathi kiranam nuvvai thaakave vecchamga

You've made me drown(get wet) in a waterfall
You've given a warm touch like Sun rays
saripovu | repeat |

Ninge pidugule vadhilina, poovule thadimina
Urumule panchina, swaramule thochena
Karagani apasakunaale subhatharunaalaga thele
Velagani cheekati kooda vennellu panchindhi le
Yenni aapadhalu vasthunna,avi nannu aadhukuni kaachena
Kalisivacche vinthalani kacchithamga nee mahimena!!

Let the sky rain meteors, seems like flowers to me
Let it throw lightnings, seems like pleasant melodies
My bad luck has turned into good luck
Darkness has starred spreading the glow
All the obstacles turn into my favour
All these miracles should be because of you