बुधवार, 14 मई 2014

Khalifa Khaleefa Bade Lyrics Translation | Lekar Hum Deewana Dil

Movie: Lekar Hum Deewana Dil
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: A R Rahman


[All the sounds here are deliberately mixed up, out of which some terms like 'bigde baap ki aulaad', literally 'son of spoiled/rich father', and 'attitude le ke chale dekho', meaning 'see they are going with an attitude' are clear.]

Khalee.. Khalee.. Khalee.. Khaleefa
Khalee.. Khalee.. Khalee.. Khaleefa

Khaleefa khaleefa khaleefa bade
Karam jale hain
Khalifa khalifa khalifa bade
Kadam chale hain
Jokhim hardam hardam jokham
Humein yehi talab hai
Jaise tevar vaise mausam
Ye rutbaa alag hai..

The caliph here is one with
very bad deeds..
[actually here Khaleefa doesn't mean an actual Caliph, but someone who is acting like a caliph, or a leader maybe.]
The caliph has walked a lot many steps.
risk every moment, always some risk,
That's what we are thirsty for.
As our mood is, the weather changes that way,
this is a different kind of reputation..

Aasmaan zara nichod ke
O.. pee gaye sharbat neela
O.. sooraj ka ek tukda
Baadal ka ek tukda
Sau ungliyon se pakda, chaba liya

Squeezing the sky,
we drank the blue drink [that came out of squeezed sky].
A piece of the sun,
and a piece of the clouds,
we held in hundred fingers, and chewed..

Khalifa khalifa khalifa bade
Karam-jale hain
Khalifa khalifa khalifa bade
Kadam chale hain
Zokham hardum, hardum zokham
Hamein yahi talab hai
Jaise tevar waise mausam
Ye rutbaa alag hai..