that lonesome valley

~ Pete Seeger and Joan Baez


the return of the rivers

All the rivers run into the sea;
yet the sea is not full;
unto the place from whence the rivers come,
thither they return again. 

It is raining today
in the mountains. 

It is a warm green rain
with love
in its pockets
for spring is here,
and does not dream
of death.

Birds happen music
like clocks ticking heaves
in a land
where children love spiders,
and let them sleep
in their hair. 

A slow rain sizzles
on the river
like a pan
full of frying flowers,
and with each drop
of rain
the ocean
begins again.

~ Richard Brautigan


Heera: Lyrics, Meanings, English Translation [Highway]

Heera. A collection of three dohas of Kabeer, about diamond, for the film Highway. The music is given by A R Rahman, and the collection could have been a selection of Irshad Kamil, the lyricist and/or Imtiaz Ali. Anyway, here are the words with all the meanings and English Translation. Hope you enjoy them. Please share them with your friends if you like the effort. Thanks.

Heera soi saraahiye
Sahe ghanan Ki choT
KapaT kurangee maanva
Parkhat nikra khoT


Heera: Diamond
Saraahana: To praise, to find worthy
Ghanan: Hammer
ChoT: Attack, blow
KapaT: fraud, deceptive
kurangee: One with bad color, i.e. malaise in heart
Parkhat: On testing, trying
KhoT: bad, counterfeit, dishonest


Only that diamond is praiseworthy
which can bear the blows of a hammer.
Fraud, deceptive men (who try to look better than they are)
are found to be bad when when tested.

The point is that only those few who can bear with testing conditions are truly praiseworthy ones. Others fail when they pass such testing situations.

Heera tahaan na kholiye
Jahaan kunjadon ki haaT
Sahaj gaanthri maari ke
Lage apni baaT

tahaan: There
kunjadon: vegetable sellers
haaT: market
gaanthri: bundle, one that is closed with a knot.
baaT: to wait

Don’t open a diamond
In the vegetable market
Just tie it safely (keep it safe)
and wait for your turn..

The meaning here is that you should show your intelligence only where there are people who can understand it. It is idiocy to show your intelligence among idiots.

Heera para bajaar mein
Raha chhaar laptaaye
keetehi moorakh pachhe mohe
Koi Parakhi Liya Uthaaye

chhaar: Ash
kaatehi: Kitne hi, how so many
moorakh: idiot, unknowledgeable people
paarakhi: one who can recognize real jewels, intelligent person.

Diamond was fallen in the marketplace,
with ash sticking on it.. [so it looked like some random stone.]
how so many idiots passed me,
some expert picked me up..

Meaning here is that while most care about how something looks, the intelligent ones can recognize a real gem even when it doesn't look good.

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Tu Kuja Man Kuja [Highway] Lyrics Translation

Movie: Highway
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

Tu kuja man kuja..
Tu kuja man kuja..
Tu kahaan.. main kahan..
Tu kahan.. main kahaan..

Where are you, where am I?
Where are you, where am I?

Kirpa (kripa) drishti mujh pe bhi ho maharaja
Anginat chintaon ne gheraa
Aastha hai jo vyatha hai wo harega tu
Sun meri bhi koi na mera

O Lord, have sight of your mercy on me too,
uncountable worries have covered me..
I have faith that whatever my problem is, you'd end it..
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..

Tu kuja man kuja..

Hain bhay bhyankar
Path mein kankar Maharaja
Mujh adham se kyon tune mukh phera
Main dharaatal se pukaarun haath de apna
Sun meri bhi koi na mera..

I have great fears,
and there are obstacles in my path, O Lord,
Why have you turned your face away from lowly me..
I call from the earth, give me your hand,
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..

Nirdhanon ka dheer tu hai
Nirbalon ka bal
Sun meri bhi koi na mera..
Main jagat mein laapata
Mera tu pata..
Main kahaan batla..
Main ekaaki de dayaa ki bheekh raja
Hai adhar mein shvaas bhi mera

You're the patience of the poor,
the strength of the weak..
Listen to me too, there is no one mine..
I am lost in the world,
you are my address..
Tell me where I am..
I am alone, give me the alms of mercy, O Lord,
Even my breath is stuck midway..

Tu kuja man kuja..

Main Kahan kahaan
Main Kahaan kahaan
Ghanghor hain andhiyare
Sab roothe hai ujiyaare
Tan toote, man haare
Kismat ke doobe taare
Koi kiran dikhla re
Hain soone path saare
Main ekaaki de daya ki bheekh raja
Kya tujhe aabhaas bhi mera..

Where, where am I,
Where, where am I..
The darkness is dense,
all lights are angry with me
My body is breaking, and my heart loses (faith)
The stars of my luck are drowned..
Show me some ray (of hope)
All the paths are lonely..
I am alone, give me the alms of mercy, O Lord,
Do you even have an idea of me (that is, my existence, or have you made and completely forgotten me)..

Tu kuja man kuja..

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Kahaan Hoon Main Lyrics Translation [Highway]

Movie: Highway
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singer: Jonita Gandhi

Kahaan hoon main
Kahaan hoon main ab..

Where am I?
Where am I now?

Aahein, darr, khushi, raaste
Kachchi baatein, sachche vaaste
Kahin pe in sab mein
Kahaan hoon.. main ?

Sighs, fear, happiness, paths,
brittle talks, true relations,
Among all these,
where am I?

Maine bhi to aana tha isi taraf
Meri bhi to raahein hain yahin kahin
Uljhanon ke doraahe
Raaston ki ye baahein
Aate-jaate poochhti..
Main kahaan..?

I also have to come this way only,
My paths are somewhere here only,
two-ways of problems..
these arms of paths,
ask me as I pass,
where am I...

[doraha literally is a point from where you see two roads ahead, and you of course have to choose one. It signifies a dilemma here]

Kahaan hoon main ab
Kahaan hoon main..

Aahein, darr, khushi, raaste
Kachchi baatein, sachche vaaste
Kahin pe in sab mein
Kahan hoon.. main?

Ooni ooni baadal mein gayi simat
Jaise main hoon jaadon ki hawaa koi
Sochoon na kya peechhe hai
Dekhoon na jo aage hai

I got wound up in woollen clouds,
As if I am some wind of winters,
I don't think what's behind me,
I see what's ahead of me..

Mann ye mera poochhta..
Main kahaan..
Kahaan hoon main
Kahaan hoon main ab

Yaadein ab zameen, khwahishein..
Pakki chaahat, kachchi koshishein.. he..
Kahin pe in sab mein
Kahaan hoo..oo..oon main..

My memories are now like an earth, the wishes..
solid (unbreakable) love, brittle tries..
somewhere in all of them,
where am I?

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Sooha Saha Amma ka Lyrics Translation [Highway]

Movie: Highway
Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Zeb (of Zeb and Haniya), Alia Bhatt

Maina ne sooha saaha le jaana khoye ki
Meethi meethi kheti mein khelan ho..
Totaa bole pedon pe, ped se, poodi se
Sooha saaha neendan mein okha na ho
Sangi saathi, hang soone thaare ho na ho*
Sooha saaha, amma ka..
Sooha saaha, amma ka..

Sparrow will take the red rabbit to play
in the sweet farms of milk solids..
parrot speaks on trees, to tree, to poodi,
that the red rabbit shouldn't be finding it hard to sleep..
maybe there are your friends there or not,
the red rabbit of mother..
the red rabbit of mother..

Kaare kaare koylaan si raina
Neendi tola, tola si lai na
Taaron ka bichhona.. chain se sona

night like black coals,
Take (gold like) small, small sleep..
[tola is a traditional measurement of gold, almost 10 grams]
bedding of stars, sleep with peace..

Gota gota gudri mein ghoomega ghaamega
Sooha saaha maina ne le jaana ho..

he'll roam wearing shiny patched clothes,
red rabbit which the sparrow has to take..

Toota.. taara sa
Chhota sa, taara sa.. toota re..
Poochhe wo dekhun teri baari
Kyun na soye, kyun tu roye
Kyun tu khoye yoon pardes mein ho..

Broke, as if some star,
small one, some star seemed to break, [shooting star is called breaking of star in Hindi]
It asks me if I wait for your turn..
Why do you not sleep, why do you cry,
why do you get lost in foreign land like that..

Kyun tu rootha, kis se rootha
Kya hai chhoota tera des mein ho..

Why are you angry, and angry with whom?
What is left of yours in (our native) country?

Jo bhi hai rookha-sookha
Mann mein wo bolo toh
Kholon raahein baaton ki, baahein ho..

Whatever dry you have
in your heart, say..
open the paths, the arms of talks..

[rookha-sookha is used for butterless food in India, which was considered food of poor people as they were not able to afford ghee, the commonly used purified butter.]

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Tu Kuja Man Kuja Meaning, Language

Tu Kuja Man Kuja is Persian, that is Farsi, for the next line, Tu kahaan, main kahaan. Tu is tu, you. Man is main, I. And Kuja is kahaan, where.

Hence, Tu Kuja man kuja means 'where are you, where am I', or 'tu kahaan, main kahaan' as Sunidhi sings in Hindi.

One interesting thing is that except for this one line, the entire song is Hindi, to a large extent filled with quite Sanskrit-like (known as tatsam) words, making it a meeting of extremes, as Urdu and Hindi are almost derived from Persian and Sanskrit which are older, more pure languages, and while Urdu and Hindi go hand in hand, Persian and Sanskrit are hardly ever used together.

[For the complete Highway song, see THIS POST.]


Khushfehmiyaan Unplugged Lyrics Translation [One by Two]

Movie: One by Two
Music: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

bulbule ke jaisa taire hawa mein
sardiyon ki dhoop sa mijaaz hai
mausamon ka rang bhi odh le
kal nahi tha par aaj hai

It floats in the air like a bubble,
the mood is like the sunshine of winters..
It would cover itself up with the color of seasons,
It wasn't all there till yesterday, but it's there today..

nabz tez iski chalti rahi
bewakoofiyon pe bhi naaz hai
sabne jaana phir bhi khul saka
yaar ye wahi raaz hai

Its pulse kept on going fast,
there's pride for the idiocies even,
everyone knew but still it couldn't be revealed,
that is the secret that it is.

kyun ishq mein ishq lage aasaan..
kyun kya pata
sach mein hua hai ya hone lagi ishq ki

Why in love, does love look easy,
Why, I don't know,
whether I am actually in love, or just getting
a false happy feeling of being in love.

raaton mein ye lori bhi gungunaaye
subah subah coffee ka cup lage
baithoon haathon mein jo akhbaar le ke
baasi surkhiyaan sab lagein
kyoon aadatein, ishq ki hain naadaan

In the nights, it hums lullabies,
feels like a cup of coffee in the morning..
When I sit with the newspaper,
all the headlines look stale (boring)
Why are the habits of love naive..

kyun kya pata
sach mein hua hai ya hone lagi ishq ki

ishq kab kis ki sunta hai
ishq ki rooi dhunta hai
jaan ke phir bhi chunta hai ishq ka raasta

To whom does love ever listen,
It just scrutches the cotton of love,
Still, even after knowing, it chooses the path of love.


Suha Saaha/ Sooha Saha Meaning

Sooha Saha Amma ka. That's the title line of the Highway song sung by Alia with Zeb. The song is actually a lullaby.

Sooha means Red, and Saha means Rabbit. Hence, Sooha Saha means Red Rabbit, and 'Tu Hai Sooha Saha Amma ka' would translate to 'You're your mother's red rabbit.' The intention here is to say that you're cute, and very special one for your mother.

The lyrics for Highway are written by Irshad Kamil, and these are his words only.

As far as actually red rabbits are concerned, I don't think exactly red rabbits exist, but you can of course find some brown rabbits, which can be a shade of red.

For the Entire song's Translation, CLICK HERE.


Ayudham lyrics and translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Singer(s):Deva Katta
Music: Anup Rubens

Adavinaina, kadalinaina
Adhiripothe, chedhiripothaav!
Vodipoyi munigipothaav!
Aayudham manase aayudham!

If I become forest or a Sea
You'll be shivering and You'll be no where
You'll lose and get drowned(in Sea)
Heart is a Weapon!!

Praanamante kaalame sari
Kaalamante chalaname mari
Putte prathi janma jeevitham kaadhu
Chacche prathi chaavu antham kaadhu
Aayudham chalanam aayudham.

Life is nothing but time
Time is nothing but movement(revolution)
Every birth will not have a life
(Every) Death is not the end
Movement(Revolution) is a weapon!!

Veluthurunna lokamantha
Kallumoosi kaalamantha
Nidhurapothe, chacchipothaav!
Cheekatinta maggipothaav!

If the world which is full of brightness
If the time closes its eyes for a while
Choose to sleep! You'll not exist anymore
You'll be left alone in darkness!

Aayudham kaalam aayudham
Aayudham chalanam aayudham

Heart is Weapon
Movement(Revolution) is a weapon!


Time entha ra lyrics and translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Language: Telugu
Music: Anup Rubens

Orei goli ga!!
Ippudu naa siri emandho single line lo clear ga cheppara!
Adhe baava!
Nuvvindhaakedho Kala Annaave,adhi Kala kaadhu nijam ani cheppi velthundhi!

Goli can be name here, or hero can using ultra local version of Dude.

Hey Goli
Tell me clearly in a single what my Siri told
That is!
You were telling that it's a dream right! She told that "it is for real"

Time Entha ra? Goli ga, Time Entha ra?
Time cheppara! Goli ga, Time Entha ra?
Okata? Renda? Mooda? Yeda?
Reyi,pagalu thedalemi theliyakundhira
Oh aakasam rangu choodara, nalupo thelupo cheppara..chepparaa cheppara!!!!

What's the time? Goli, What's the time?
Tell the time! Goli, What's the time?
1'o clock? 2'o clock? 3'o clock? 7'o clock?
I'm not able to differentiate between day and dawn
See the colour of the sky, Tell whether it is bright or dark...Tell me!!

Bhayame lenodni, bedhure raanodni, aina aina idhigo ee thadabaatendhukanta?
Siren koosthunna melukuva raanodni, itukala sadike lechesthunna, idhemitanta?
Yevadu lekunna horn koduthunna,
horn vintunna akkade nilabaduthunna, Idhemi vintha ra?

Oh girl!
I don't have any fear, Will never get afraid, But don't know why I'm hesitating
Even if Siren blows, I wouldn't wake up, But now even for slightest of the slightest sounds I'm waking up
Though No one is there, I'm blowing horn
Though I'm listening to horn, I'm just standing  (instead of giving way), What (Black) Magic is this?!

Yevaraina Janta yedhurayyarante, thanala naala kanipisthaare! Kala idhantha?!
Yevaru naa chentha lene lekunna, thanatho jathaga gadipesthunna Kaallaani kontha!
Cheekatlo unna anni choosthunna
Velugentho unna deepam veligisthunna, Idhemi Maaya ra?

If any pair confronts me, they would resemble me and her, All this is just a dream or what?
Though no one is there with me, I'm spending time with her ( Imagining that she is with me)
I'm able to see everything even in darkness
I'm flaming up lights even though it is bright, What (Black) magic this!

Time entha ra | Repeat |


Hyderabad Biryani Lyrics and Translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Language: Telugu
Music: Anup Rubens

Ole ole ole ole ole
Anna super anna!!
Abbo yesko
Super superu superu
Hey hyderabad biryani super untaadhi! avunaa?
Hey rayaseema raagi sangati super untaadhi! avunaa?
Hey guntur gongura super untaadhi! avna
Kakinada kaja super untaadhi! avna?
Naa letha letha Pedhavultho killi notikandhinchi
Neeku theepi muddhe isthe!!

Ok bro! start
Super Super Super
Hyderabad Biryani will be too good! Is it?
Rayalseema's Raagi balls would be great! Is it?
Guntur's Kenaf will also be good! Is it?
Kakinada Kaaja will be awesome! Is it?
If I get you a sweet paan(Betel leaf) with my unripened lips
and give you a kiss!!

Abbo isthe ettluntadhamma??
Super untadhi inka super untadhi
Super untadhi chala super untadhi.

How will it be?
It will be just awesome!!

Hyderabad biryani | Repeat |

Modelling lona naaku peru unnadhi!
Remodelling lo memu kingulam andi!
Spanner lanu patti meeku power unnaadhi!
Prayogisthe naa pai mazaaguntaadhi!
High speed Duke set bike nenu
Showroom lone inka unnaanu
Naa body kaastha patti patti
Accelerator icchi icchi rayyumantoo parigettisthe!!!

I've got name and fame in modelling
And, We are kings in remodelling
You gained strength/power because of the spanners you use
If you use all that on me, It will be fun
I'm a brand new Duke bike
Still in the showroom
If you hold my body
Accelerate and make it run!! ( Then it will be awesome)

Surr super | Repeat|

Horsepower yekkuvunna porsche car nu!
Aai clutch patti gear maarchi control chesthaa!
Classu massu driving nu mecchukuntaanu!
Speedbreak ayina kudhupu nenu thattukuntaanu!
Naa steering meedha cheyyi vesthe!
Saradaaga test drive chesthe!
Car manaku five star,
Iruku shed seven star,
Nuvvu nenu set ayipothe!!

I'm a Porsche car with great horsepower
Don't worry girl, I'll hold clutch, change the gear and I'll control
I'll appreciate both rash and classi driving
I can bear  even if you go out of control
If youUse your hand on my steering and give a try(test drive)
Car is a 5 star hotel for us
A shed, 7 star hotel.
And if we both go hand in hand ( match with eachother)

Super untaadhi |Repeat|


Kaya nahi teri nahi teri - Kabirdas ji bhajans

Kaya nahi teri nahi teri

kaya nahin teri nahin teri
mat kar meri meri
yeto do din ki zindgani
jaisa patthar upar paani
yeto hovegi phulvari
jaisa rang tarang milave
yeh to palak bichhe ur jaave
ante koi kaam nahi aave
sun baat kahun parmani
waha ki kya karta gumani
tumko badi hai bemani
kahat kabira sun nar gyani
yah seekhat jadabhimani
tere ko baat kahi samjhani

Kaun milave mohe jogiya ho
kaun milave mohe jogiya ho
jogiya bin rahiyo na jaaye


moonlight sonata

Ludwig Van Beethoven actually intended for his pieces to be played a lot faster but no orchestra could manage it so they had to slow it down. Here is moonlight sonata 3rd movement played in the original intended tempo. Simply amazing.

~ Valentina Lisitsa


Autonagar Surya (2014) Lyrics and translations

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Music: Anup Rubens

Lyrics: Ananth Sreeram

Adavinaina, kadalinaina
Adhiripothe, chedhiripothaav!
Vodipoyi munigipothaav!
Aayudham manase aayudham!

If I become forest or a Sea
You'll be shivering and You'll be no where
You'll lose and get drowned(in Sea)
Heart is a Weapon!!

Praanamante kaalame sari
Kaalamante chalaname mari
Putte prathi janma jeevitham kaadhu
Chacche prathi chaavu antham kaadhu
Aayudham chalanam aayudham.

Life is nothing but time
Time is nothing but movement(revolution)
Every birth will not have a life
(Every) Death is not the end
Movement(Revolution) is a weapon!!

Veluthurunna lokamantha
Kallumoosi kaalamantha
Nidhurapothe, chacchipothaav!
Cheekatinta maggipothaav!

If the world which is full of brightness
If the time closes its eyes for a while
Choose to sleep! You'll not exist anymore
You'll be left alone in darkness!

Aayudham kaalam aayudham
Aayudham chalanam aayudham

Heart is Weapon
Movement(Revolution) is a weapon!

"Ayudham Lyrics and Translation 


Sura Sura Lyrics and translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Music:Anup Rubens
Singers: Chaithra, Anup Rubens

Ninne choosaana? Ninne choosaana? Nijamena? Ninne choosaana?
Neethone unna, Neelo dhaagunna velugunani nede choosaana?
Naaku nene Entha cheppina nammaleka pothunna!
Nammalenidhemundhe? Naalo naijam naakundhe! Gundelloni sathyam sathyam laaga maatalloki maarindhe!!

Have I seen you? Is this true?
Though I'm with you, I came to know today that I'm the glow in you
I've tried telling to myself and ended up not believing that fact
What's there not to believe?I've got my own ways!! Truth in my heart has come out in the form of words in the very same way.

Sura Sura...!
Sura Sura Nee parakramam Jana ganaanni nadipena?!
Nara nara, ee mahotsavam tharaalu tharaalu nilichena?

Oh mighty!
Will your strength and bravery guide people further?
Oh man!
Will this celebrations be remembered forever?

Ninne choosaana?Ninne choosaana? Nijamena? Ninne choosaana?
Chali kaalam lona poga manche naa manasu, Nee vesavi laanti swaasanu thaaki karigindhi ee roju
Kshathagni laanti nee hridhayam, gathinchi podha naa bidiyam?
Thuppakulaina thalonchukova? Hataatthugaani nee thalonka choosthe, anvasthraale antham kaava nee andhaanni addham lo choosthe?!

My heart is like fog in winter, it got melted because of your breath(summer)
With the brave and ferocious heart you've, My shyness would go off
Won't the guns bow their heads down Infront of you when they see you suddenly
Even deadly weapons would see their end, had they seen your beauty.

Sura Sura
Sura Sura, Nee parakramam naa thanaanni gelichena?
Nara nara, ee mahotsavam tharaalu tharaalu nilichena?

Oh mighty!
Will your strength and bravery win me?
Oh man!
Will this celebrations be remembered forever?

Aavesham lona o lava undhemo? Nee saavasaanni vennela kooda kaavalandhemo!
Thappassu laanti nee dhaayasa, manassu nee pai nilipesa
Oh jagatthu mottham sirassu vanche mahatthu vunna sogassu needhi, nee vayyaram choosthu choosthu naalo vegam dhaasoham kaadha?!

There might be fire in your rage
Even Moon might want your company
The way you concentrate is like meditation
My concentration is on you now
Your beauty is such that whole world bows Infront of you
Seeing your voluptuous curves even my swiftness/speed would be astonished.

Sura Sura
Sura Sura, Nee parakramam paravashaalu chilikena?
Nara nara, ee mahotsavam tharaalu tharaalu nilichena?

Oh mighty!
Will your strength and bravery bring happiness all over?
Oh man!
Will this celebrations be remembered forever?


living is relationship

Life is relationship, living is relationship, yet very little attention is given to the question.  What is your relationship with another? Have you any relationship at all; or is you relationship with the past?  The past with its images, experience, knowledge, brings about what you call relationship.  But knowledge in relationship causes disorder.  If you have hurt me, I remember that; you hurt me yesterday, or a week ago, that remains in my mind, that's the knowledge I have about you.  That knowledge prevents relationship; that knowledge in relationship breeds disorder.  So the question is:  When you hurt me, flatter me, when you scandalize me, can the mind wipe it away at the very moment without recording it?

So one asks:  Can you see that sunset, or the beautiful face, or your sexual experience, or whatever it be, see it and finish it, not carry it over  -  whether that thing was great beauty or great sorrow or great physical or psychological pain?  Can you see the beauty of it and be finished, completely finished, not take it over and store it up for the next day, next month, the future?  If you store it up, then thought plays with it.  Thought is the storing up of that incident of that pain or that suffering or that thing that gave delight.

I want to see the sunset, I want to look at the trees, full of the beauty of the earth. I don't want to reduce it, and thought will reduce it.  Is not the mind an instrument of comparison?  You say this is better than that; you compare yourself with somebody who is more beautiful, who is more clever.  There is comparison when you say, 'I remember that particular river that I saw a year ago, and it was still more beautiful'.  You compare yourself with somebody, with an example, with the ultimate ideal.  You see the sunset, and you immediately compare that sunset with the previous sunset.  You see a mountain and you see how beautiful it is.  Then you say, 'I saw a still more beautiful mountain two years ago'.  When you are comparing, you are really not looking at the sunset which is there, but you are looking at it in order to compare it with something else.  So comparison prevents you from looking fully.

What is actually taking place in our relationships?  Are not our relationships a self-isolation?  Is not every activity of the mind a process of safeguarding, of seeking security, isolation?  We have so many securities; we have built walls around ourselves with which we are satisfied, and occasionally there is a whisper beyond the wall;  occasionally there is an earthquake, a revolution, a disturbance which we soon smother.  So most of us really do not want to go beyond the self-enclosing process;  all we are seeking is a substitution, the same thing in a different form.  We are actually seeking, not to go beyond isolation, but to strengthen isolation so that it will be permanent and undisturbed.
Most of us are aware of this inner poverty, this inner insufficiency. You say it is empty, you give it a name, and you think you have understood it. Is not the very naming of the thing a hindrance to the understanding of it?   It is not an abortive reaction, it is a fact, and by calling it some name, we cannot dissolve it - it is there.  Do you know something by giving it a name?  Do you know me by calling me a name?  You can know me only when you observe me, when you have communion with me, but calling me by a name saying I am this or that, obviously puts an end to communion with me.     

It is only when the mind is quiet that it shall know love, and that state of quietness is not a thing to be cultivated.  Cultivation is still the action of the mind; discipline is still a product of the mind, and a mind that is disciplined, controlled, subjugated, a mind that is resisting, explaining, cannot know love. You may read, you may listen to what is being said about love, but that is not love.  Only when you put away the things of the mind, only when your heart is empty of the things of the mind, is there love.  Then you will know what it is to love without separation, without distance, without time, without fear - and that is not reserved to the few.

~ J. Krishnamurti
excerpts from a collection of talks
On Love and Loneliness

photo from streetcar named desire by Tennessee Williams


Mancheli Lyrics and Translation | Autonagar Surya (2014) |

Movie: Autonagar Surya
Music: Anup Rubens
Singer: Anup Rubens

"Mancheli" has not been used in Telugu songs, atleast in the recent past.
If the word is separated into Man+cheli= Heart+My dear(girl), meaning manasu(heart) dochina(stole) cheli(My dear)
So, male partner conveys that His girl stole his heart.


Oh nuvve leni nenu lenu le cheli
Ninnu chere dhaare choopave cheli
Yedhute neevunna kalaga choosthunna
Yedhemavthunna neekai nenunna
Naa kannullo, gundello niluvella unna praanam neevele..!!

With out you I don't exist , oh girl
Show me the way to reach you
Though you're there Infront of my eyes, I assume as a dream
Whatever happens, I'm there for you
You're there in my eyes, heart and intact my whole life!!

Oh mancheli mancheli mancheli..!!

Nee choope naa swaasaga, nee roope o dhyaasaga jeevisthoo unna, neekai vechunna
Kanulu moosina, kanulu therachinaa neeve neeve
Kadali neevu ani, alalu nenu ani ye chota aina Ye naadaina ninne nenu choosthu unnaale

I'm living thinking that your vision is my breath, my work is you ( your appearance/form), I'm awaiting you
Doesn't matter if I close or keep open my eyes, its you all the time
I would be seeing you wherever you're, like sea and tides.

Mancheli Mancheli... | Repeat |

Kaalam vegam maaradha? Veeche gaali aagadha? Kaalam nedila chentha cheraga!
Kunuku marachina kanula kaanthi le neeve
Velugu neevu ani, needa nenu ani Naalo unna naatho unna naavanukunna anni neevele.

Won't the time stop or move fast? Won't the air stop?
Fortune has knocked my door now
Though I forgot/stopped to sleep, You're the glow/energy of my eyes
I'm light and you, the shadow
Whatever is inside me, with me, belonging to me, they're yours from now..!

Mancheli...!! | Repeat |


Oh dear song lyrics and Translation | Rey (2014) |

Music: Chakri
Lyrics: Chandra Bose

Amrutha Oh Amrutha
Naa gundelo nee Peru raayataaniki ye baasha avasaram ledhu
Kaani naa gonthu tho ninnu pilavataaniki yenni baashalaina saripovu!!

Oh Amrutha!
For me to write my name in my heart, there is no need of a language
But for me to call you, existing languages would fall short

Oh dear!!Oh dear!!
Oh dear!!
Oh dear!! Ninne chirugaalullo choosaane
Oh dear!! Ninne chali pidugulalo choosaane
Oh dear!! Ninne poovaasana lo choosaane
Oh dear!!Ninne naa praanam lo choosaane
Kanipinchani vaatillo kanipinchinaave
Kanuleragani baatallo nadipinchinaave
Nadipinchi premante choopinchaave
Nadicheti premalle nannu maarchaave

Oh dear, I've seen you in fresh air
Oh dear, I've seen you in thunderstorms
Oh dear, I've seen you in the fragrance of flowers
Oh dear, I've seen you in my soul/life

You are appearing in things which can't be seen
You're making me take paths that eyes never knew
And showed me what love is!
Then, changed me into a person of love.

Thanks baby oh baby you taught me taste of love
Thanks baby oh baby you taught me art of love!

Oh dear..!!!

-- English Rap --

Ninnu choosthe naalo putte ultra violet kiranaalenno
Oh dear dear dear naa vontlo yegase volcano
Ninnu choosthe naalo ponge 2G spectrum signals yenno
Oh dear dear naa kantlo crackers inkenno
Oh dear oh dear!!
Ninne kore naa anuvullo anvasthraale launchings yenno
Ninnu chere naa adugullo army navy marchings yenno
Nee edhuruga nilabadagaane energy level perigene
Nee andale yedhuravvagaane Alexander ai yedhigaane

Nee bodyguard ye nenavana!?

As I had a glimpse of you, Ultra Violet rays got generated in me
Oh dear, Heat is building up in me
As I saw you, 2G signals are puckering out from me
Oh dear, I also got crackers in my eyes
(after seeing you)
Oh dear!!
In every inch of my body that craves for you, weapons are being launched
In every step of mine that is reaching you, there are many army navy marchings
Once I stood Infront of you, My energy levels went up
Once I saw your support/protection
I've become Alexander..!
Shall I be your bodyguard??

Thanks baby oh baby you gave me power of love
Thanks baby oh baby you gave me strength of love!!

Naa body tissues anni palike baasha nuvve nuvve
Oh dear dear naa blood group oo nee roopele
Naa brain cells lona saage salsa nuvve nuvve
Oh dear dear naa heart ki tattoo nuvvene
Oh dear oh dear!!

You're the language used by all my tissues in body
My blood group also has your form
You're Salsa dance in my brain cells
You're the tattoo of my heart
Oh dear!

Naalo unna chromosomelu premesomulai ninne valache
Naaloni organs anni mouth organ ai ninne piliche
Naa spinal cord vi nuvve, naa bonemarrow nuvve
Naa naadilo kadhalika nuvve, naa DNA nuvve
Nannu cloning chesthe adhinuvve

My chromosomes learnt how to love and they they want you
All my organs have become mouth organ only to call you
You're my spinal cord, Bonemarrow, Pulse and also my DNA
If I were cloned me, you would be the result.

Thanks baby oh baby I feel you with in me
Thanks baby oh baby I feel you all over..!

Oh dear!!!!!!!


Heart Attack (2014) Songs - Lyrics and Translation


Suno na Sangemarmar ki Ye Minarein Lyrics Translation [Youngistan]

Movie: Youngistan
Music: Jeet Ganguly
Lyrics: Kausar Munir
Singer: Arijit Singh

Suno na sangemarmar ki ye minarein
Kuchh bhi nahi hain aage tumhaare
Aaj se dil pe mere raaj tumhaara..
Taj tumhaara..

Listen to me (as in believe me),
these minarates of white marble are nothing compared to you
[as in, their beauty is nothing in comparison to your beauty]
From today, on my heart there will be your rule.
(From today) the Taj is yours..

[Taj literally means a crown. So this may also be taken that she has the crown, and hence she's the queen, of his heart.]

Bin tere maddham-maddham
Bhi chal rahi thi dhadkan
Jab se mile tum hamein
Aanchal se tere bandhe
Dil ud raha hai

Without you, even the heartbeat
was going on slowly..
Since I found you,
I am tied with you..
(and) the heart is flying..

Suno na aasmaanon ke ye sitaare..
Kuchh bhi nahi hain aage tumhare..

Believe me, these stars of skies,
are nothing compared to you..

Aaj se dil pe mere raaj tumhara..
Taj tumhara..

Suno na sangmarmar ki ye minaarein..


stanzas of the soul/the living flame of love

~ St. John of the Cross


Sunflower ~ Rolf Jacobsen

Sunflower ~ Rolf Jacobsen

What sower walked over earth,
which hands sowed
our inward seeds of fire?
They went out from his fists like rainbow curves
to frozen earth, young loam, hot sand,
they will sleep there
greedily, and drink up our lives
and explode it into pieces
for the sake of a sunflower that you haven't seen
or a thistle head or a chrysanthemum.

Let the young rain of tears come.
Let the calm hands of grief come.
It's not all as evil as you think.

~ Rolf Jacobsen
translated by Robert Bly


Rey Theme | Rey(2014) |

Lyrics:Chandra Bose

Rey rey jara dil se sun re
Velle dhaare Zara dhekh ke chal

Hey you, listen with your heart
The way you're going, watch out and go.

Puvvula maatuna katthulu untaai, kosesthuntaai
Rangulu chaatuna rakkasulu untai, thokkesthuntaai
Yetthuki yedhagaalante kindhaki dhigajaaraaloi
Mundhuku saage vaadne venakaki laageyaaloi
Kalthi se dhoka se gelupodhaalile..!!

Behind flowers are knives/swords/knives, which would cut
Behind colours are devils and demons, they would stamp you down
If you want to go heights, you should get down(cheap) first
You should pull the guy back who is Ahead
You should win by cheating/deceiving.

Rey Rey | Repeat |


Mahi Ve/ Maahi Ve: Lyrics Translation [AR Rahman, Highway]

Since the song here seemed to demand some notes, I have added them in brackets, italicized [like this]. If you wish to read only the translation, skip those parts and the rest of the lines will make the translation.

Movie: Highway
Music and Singer: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Dhoop paani pe baras jaaye..
Ye saaye banaaye, mitaaye
Main kahoon, aur tu aa jaaye, behlaaye
Har doori sharmaaye
Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai
Parchhaaiyan batlaaye(in)

Sunshine raining on water..
It creates shadows, removes them,
[as if someone is playing, doodling and removing and creating more]
I call, and you come (for me), pacify me,
and every distance between us gets embarrassed
[as in, all these physical distances become meaningless.]
you're with me, and so, the days and nights are there,
(that is what these) shadows tell me..

Tu saath hai, o din raat hai
Saaya saaya, maahi ve! maahi ve!
Meri har baat mein saath tu hai
Mahi Ve.. Maahi Ve..
Mere saare haalaat tu
Maahi ve aye aye ye.. o..
Maahi vay aye aye ye.. o..

you're with me, and so the days and nights are there,
every shadow (tells me), O beloved, O beloved..
In every thought/deed of mine, you're with me,
O beloved, O beloved..
You're all my situations
[that is, you're the reason of all my situations, and you're there in them all too. This is not explicitly said, but more of an implied meaning here.]
O beloved, O beloved..

Haaye sataaye, manaaye, sataaye
Tu.. rulaaye, hansaaye.. bhi tu hi
Humsaaye.. har doori sharmaaye

you pester me, you cajole me, pester (again),
make me cry and make me laugh too.
O close one, every distance feels embarrassed
[in the same context as earlier, the distance is meaningless as despite the distance he finds his beloved close.]

Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai
Parchhaaiyan batlaaye
Tu saath hai, ho din raat hai
Saaya saya, maahi ve, maahi ve!

Mere sab raaz, kal-aaj, tu hai
Maahi ve.. maahi vay..
Meri har udaan ek tu

You're all my secrets, my tomorrow and today,
O beloved, O beloved..
You're every flight of mine..

[Just wondering if the first line was 'meri parvaaz' earlier. It means Udaan, and would go perfectly with the rhyming words, sab raaz, kalaaj, parvaaz.]

Maahi ve aye aye ye.. o..
Maahi vay aye aye ye.... o..

Ye jeena bhi, naa jeena bhi
Hai dono ka tum se hi vaasta
O.. main hi to hoon tera pataa
Hai doosra naa koi raasta
Aaye mujh tak wo tum ko jo ho dhoondhta
Meri khaamoshiyon mein hai tu bolta
Ye jeena bhi, naa jeena bhi
Jo bhi hua hai wo tum se hua...

This living, or even not living,
both are related to you only.
It's me only who is your address
there is no other way (to reach you)..
Whoever looks for you, should come to me only,
You speak in my silences,
This living, and not living too,
whatever has happened has happened from you alone.

[There, one interesting thing. As you might see in some songs of Rahman, especially with Irshad writing, the songs with a call to the beloved also get spiritual in nature. This whole paragraph here can be addressed to God and it will make as much sense, and maybe more sometimes. 'Me', the human, is the way to reach 'Him'. and 'He' speaks in my, the human's silences.]

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Baawla/ Bawla Sa Sapna Lyrics Translation [SKSE]

Movie: Shaadi ke Side Effects
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire
Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Aao ji aao suno tumko sunaaun
Ik sapne ki story..
Ki meri palkon ki tapri ke neeche
wo rehta tha sapna tapori
Ambar mein udne ka shauk usay tha
Akal thi thodi!
Arey chupke se tupke se
karna wo chaahta tha moon ki chori..

Come, listen, I'll tell you,
the story of a dream,
that under the roof of my eyelids,
that loafer dream used to live..
It wished to fly in the sky,
and little mind he had..
silently, he wanted to
steal the moon..

Ye baawla sa sapna
Bada bawla sa sapna
Meri maanta nahi hai
Mera hi hai wo sapna

This mad dream,
such a mad dream,
doesn't listen to me,
though it's my dream..

Ye baawla sa sapna
Bada bawla sa sapna
Rukna kahaan hai aakhir,
nahi jaanta tha sapna

This mad dream,
what a mad dream,
the dream that doesn't know
where to stop eventually.

Sapne ka tha, beta sapnu
Pyara pyara, bada dulara,
Bola, papa aana.. jaldi jaldi tum chanda laana
Hadbadi mein, gadbadi mein
Sapna nikla.. sambhla, phisla..
Udaa, pahuncha, pahuncha chaand ke ghar gaya

The dream had a son, called Sapnu
[The name is a simple creation, a cute sounding Sapnu from Sapna, the latter meaning dream.]
lovely, very beloved..
He said, Dad, come quickly, and get me the moon.
In a hurry, making mistakes,
the dream started, slipped and recovered,
flew, and reached the moon's house..

wo raat thi amaasi
Chhutti pe tha ji chanda
Dabe paaon jo gaya tha
Khaali haath lauta banda

It was a moonless night,
and the moon was on a holiday,
The man who had gone in such hiding,
he had to return back empty handed..

Ye baavla sa sapna
Bada bavla sa sapna
Rukna kahaan hai aakhir
Nahi jaanta tha sapna

baadal baadal, ghoome paagal
Sapnu ko ab kaise dikhaye..
Chehra, chehra, chehra..
Ya ya ye yeah.. apna chehra..

Like mad, he roamed cloud to cloud,
(thinking) how to show his face to Sapnu..
[as in, having failed him in getting the moon, he felt embarrassed.]

Tabhi sadak pe pada dikha ek
Ujla ujla, pyara-pyara sheesha, sheesha
Sheeshe mein usko jaane kya dikha

Then suddenly he found on the road,
a shiny, lovely, mirror, O mirror..
don't know what he saw in the mirror-

Sapnu ko jaa dikhaaya
Sheeshe mein uska chehra
Bola mere pyaare sapnu
Tu hi hai chaand apna

He took and showed to Sapnu,
his own face in the mirror..
and said, O my dear Sapnu,
you only are my moon..

Mera baawala sa sapna
Bada baavala sa sapna
Rukna kahaan hai aakhir
Nahi jaanta tha sapna

Yeh bawla sa sapna
Bada baawla sa sapna
Meri maanta nahi hai
Mera hi hai wo sapna


Tune Mari Entry Yaar Dil mein Baji Ghanti Yaar: The Right Lyrics

It's quite a mix. The song which is titled 'Tune maari entriyaan', and is hence known by all those who know the title as 'tune maari entriyaan re dil mein baji ghantiyaan re' could well be 'Tune maari entry yaar dil mein baji ghanti yaar' instead.

Of course, I knew the title of the song as given by Yashraj, that is 'tune maari entriyaan' and so I heard is as 'tune maari entriyaan re'. But then I heard the song later when I realized one could think of it as 'tune maari entry yaar' and then listened to the entire song again. And there is nothing that clears that the song is exactly what YRF mentions it is, or if it is 'tune mari entry yaar'. You can hear it either way and it would sound perfectly alright.

If anything, one could wonder why the line would be tune maari entriyaan when there is only one girl who is to enter the heart. Also, I see only one bell ringing in everyone's hand, so I'd go for 'tune maari entry yaar' being more logical. Now why would they call it 'tune maari entriyaan' is still outside my brain's reach. Only guess I can make is that they gave someone the CD and asked him to listen and label the songs and that someone thought the song was tune maari entriyaan.

Whatever it is, the song is tune maari entriyaan now. But then you're free to assume what you like. :)

Also, the Full Lyrics of the song with Translation can be found HERE.


from 'Flatirons'


It’s when we’re most engaged with other things
that the angel enters, a twist in temperature,
a lightness in the chest that we call wings.
Giddy with sacrament and the impure
gluttony of blood and air and skin,
we look with panoramic eyes to where
the earth curls under and the sky begins,
though we ourselves are of this light-shot air,
senses extending without obstacle,
reaching past by rooting down through rock—
obdurate kindness, heaven’s windowsill.
We are as useless as an open lock,
more insubstantial than a drinking song,
and marked by sandstone long after we’re gone. 

~ David Yezzi
from Flatirons
with thanks to


Badra Bahar/ Badra Bahaar Lyrics Translation [Queen]

Movie: Queen
Music and Singer: Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt

Babul ke angnaa mein, ambvaa ke tale
Naihar ki dulari,
naazon se pale
Meri meri.. gudiya bachpan ki
Sandesa le ja re
O badra bahaar

In dad's yard, under the mango tree,
the beloved of father's house,
she is brought up carefully,
my.. my.. doll of childhood.
Take this message, O rain cloud..

Amma ki chaabi ke chhalle se khole
Tijori Mein jaanoon sapne hain pade
Jhooti Jhoothi, Kahaani pariyon ki
thi jo tu bata..
O Badra Bahaar

I've opened with mother's keyring
the safe in which dreams are there..
(and also) the false (but close to heart) fairytale
that was there, tell me those,
O rain cloud..

Siske re jiyara, behta re kajra
Beeta re jug tanha re
Main bhooli sakhiyan
Bachpan ki batiyaan
Ghoon ghoon ye saans ghabraye
Piya ko bata de..
O badra bahaar

The heart sobs, and the kohl of eyes flows,
An era has passed alone,
I forgot my friends,
and things of childhood..
This breath of mine is heavy [I feel scared]
tell it to my beloved,
O rain cloud..

Doli hamri khaali phoolon pe saje
ansuvan ki sawaari naino mein jale,
khaari khaari, saawan ki phuhaar,
sandesa le ja re,
O Badra Bahaar..

My palenquin is made of just flowers,
(while) in my eyes, burning tears ride,
salty, this drizzle of rainy season [she's actually talking of her tears]
take my message,
O rain cloud..

[Bahaar literally means spring, but then here it basically means the cloud that brings the spring, through the rain of course, so simply, rain cloud.]


Nuvvante naaku Lyrics and Translation | Heart Attack(2014) |

Movie: Heart Attack
Music: Anup Rubens
Language: Telugu

Hello O girlo
Hello girlo
Kiss me on my
Oh yeah!!

Nuvvante naaku Chaala Chaala Chaala ishtame
Adhi maatallona cheppaleka, muddhe adigaane.

I like you very much
Words couldn't express that, that is why I've asked you for a kiss.

Nenacchithe ivvacchu ga
Ledhantene maanocchuga
Anthe gaani andhari lonu chempa meedha laagi kodathaava?!

If you like me, why don't you give me a kiss
It is fine if you don't want to
But, how dare you slap me infront of everyone?

Nuvvante | Repeat

Oh yeah...oh yeah

Ai chiraak ga untunnadhante, paraakga anipisthundhante sarigga thagalaalsindhi lip to lip kiss ye
Manasse thadabadi bothunte,vayasse vela vela bothunte, thelussa kaavaalsindhi Masala kiss ye.

If you're restless, not interested in surroundings what is needed is a lip to lip kiss
When heart starts hesitating/fluttering and when youth is not staying calm, what is needed is a spicy kiss. 

Single ga yettuntaadhe? Yengili padithe baaguntaadhe!
Ardhamaina kaanattuga LKG face pedathaava??!

How does it feel like being single?(Not good right)
If you share( a kiss) with someone, it would get better
Though you understood, why do you give an expression of a kindergarten kid?

Nuvvante | Repeat |

oh pedhaallo yanthram untaadhe, adhedho aathram untaaadhe, yyenneno muddhulnaina hook ye vesthaadhe
Idhedho baane undhantu amaantham neeku anipisthe O saari practice chesei alavaataipoddhe!!

Lips have got machinery in them
Some excitement too
It can hook many kisses.
If you instantly feel that this is somewhat good,try practicing and you'll get used to it.

Sim ye leni cell yendhuke?
Chumma leni janmendhuke?
Nee manchike chebuthunnaane kaastha kiss me kiss me thondharaga

what's the use of a cell without a sim in it?
And a life with out a kiss?
So I suggest you to kiss me as soon as possible, all for your good.

Nuvvante | Repeat |


Tu hi hai Lyrics and Translation | Heart Attack (2014) |

Movie:Heart attack
Language: Telugu
Singers: Anup Rubens and Smitha Belluri
Music: Anup Rubens

Neekosame nenantu unnadhi
Neekosame naa praanam unnadhi
Neekosame Neekosame
Ee kshanam nuvve yeduraithe adhantha nijame aipothe nenu gundaagi pothaanu le..!!

It's like I exist only for you
It's like I survive only for you
Just for you.!
Say you confront me this second and if that becomes reality my heart would stop(with surprise and happiness)

Tu hi hai Mere Dil me tu hi hai
Tu hi hai Mere Dil me tu hi hai
Nuvvele nuvvele naa gundello nuvvele
Nuvvele Nuvvele naa manasantha Nuvvele

It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you, who is there in my heart
It is you who occupied my whole heart.

Neekosame | Repeat |

Theliyani maikam la nuvve kammesthunnaave
Oh Cheliya, Saanwariya nanu raakshinchave
Yedhuruga evarunna nuvve anukuntunnaane kanabadava
kanabadava cheli karuninchava!
Theliyaledhu premante nuvve undaga
Theera thelsukunnaaka nuvve levu ga!
Munchesaave Nee premalo!

Like some unknown magic/intoxication you're shadowing me
Oh my dear, beautiful and beloved Save me!
I'm seeing you in everyone ,
Kindly come and appear
When I had you , I was not aware what actually love is
But when I know now what it is, You're not there (with me)
I completely lost myself in your love.

Tu hi hai | Repeat |

Okate manasundhi evariki ivvodhanukuntu
Dhaachesa dhaachesa cheli innaalluga
Premante ento ardham nede thelisindhi appudepudo thelisunte baagundedhi ga
Nuvvu leka kshanamaina yemi thochadhe
Idhi prema antaara yemo theliyadhe
Nuvvu leni manasendhuke?

As I've got only heart, I saved it without losing to anyone till now
Now I know what love is, it would've been nice if I knew this earlier
Without even a second would make me restless
Don't know what they named it as
What's the point in having a heary without you?

Tu hi hai | Repeat |


Endhukila nannu Vedhisthunnave Lyrics and Translation | Heart Attack (2014) |

Movie: Heart attack
language: Telugu
Singer(s): Kunal Ganjawala, chorus

Endhukila nannu vedhisthunnave
Endhukani nannu velivesthunnaave
Naa hridhayam nee thode korukundhana?
Naa praanam nee chuttu thiruguthunadhana?
Anyaayamga thosthunte nattetilo ila..!!

Why are you making me reach pain and sadness
Why are you staying away from me/boycotting me?
My heart wanted your company?
My life revolves round you?
When I'm being pushed into mid of the sea

Ye manasuni thittaali
Ee kshanam!!

What should I do?
What should I think about you
Which heart should be blamed(Your's or mine)
This very moment..?

Nanne nenu vadhilesi nuvve kaavalantunna
Naadhantu migilunte adhi nuvve nuvve antunna
Nenu neeku vaddhanni neetho nadavadhanni nee dhaare needhani geesaava geethani?
Nee gundello naa gurthulni theeraanne thaakina ala la thudichesthe.

I'm not caring about myself wanting you
If anything that belongs to me is leftover, it is YOU
You limited me with a line telling that you don't want me,don't want to walk along with me,indicating that you would fond your own way?
If you wipe off all my memories in your heart like how a tide does

Nenemaipovaali | Repeat |

Velugantha tharimesi cheekatilo nannu thosthaava?!!
Gathamantha cheripesi shoonyam lo nilabedathaava!!?
Naakanni nuvvani anukovatam papama?
Poojinche chethini narikentha kopama?
Nee thalapullo, maimarapullo naa manasuni thippi rekkalu virichesthe.

You pushed me into a world of darkness removing all the glow around me
You made me stand in NOTHING erasing all the past
Is it a sin considering you my everything?
So much angry that you wouldn't mind cutting my(priest) hand off?
After letting my heart fly in your thoughts and ideas, if you breakdown its wings

Nenemaipovaali? | Repeat |

Endhukila | Repeat |


Tune Maari Entriyan Re Dil Mein Baji Ghantiyan Tan Lyrics Translation

Movie: Gunday
Music: Sohail Sen
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Bappi Lahiri, K.K., Neeti Mohan, Vishal Dadlani

Tune maari entriyan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tann!
Dil ki sun commentriyan re
Pyaar ki guarantiyan re, Tung!

You took entries
and bells struck in my heart, Tung!
Listen to the commentaries of the heart,
the guarantees of love, Tung!

[Tung, or Tunn, ot Tun or Tang or whatever is trying to speak the sound of a bell here.]

Arey taada taadi karna
Na ab nahi sudharna
Phootne laga hai re chaahaton ka jharna

To see (as in, birdwatching, looking at her),
no, now we don't have to become good.
The waterfall of love has begun to break off (from the heart)..

Dil ki na marammatein hoN
Naa koi warrantiyan re, Tang!

There be no repairs of the heart,
nor any warranties, Tann!

Tune mari entriyan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tan!

Seeti veeti, aankhein vaankhein na yoon maaro
Phenko na chaahat ke daane
Majnoo-Ranjhe saare jhoothe hain yahaan pe
Jhoothe hain dil ke fasaane

Don't whistle, wink etc. like that,
Don't throw me grains of love.. [as in, don't entice me with promise of love]
all the lovers are fake here,
the stories of hearts are false..

chaahe to, le le tu
Wafaa ki aaj kasme-wasme
na hoon main, na hai dil
Zara bhi dekh apne bas mein, bas mein

If you so wish, you can today take from us
promises of faith, love
Neither am I there, nor the heart,
in control here at all, see for yourself..

Peechhe mere aashiqon ki
poori poori countriyan re, Tang..
maine maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re, Tang!

Following me there are complete countries
of lovers, Tang!
When I took entries,
bells struck in the heart, Tang!

meethi meethi baatein kar ke aana chaahe
Dheere se nazdeek pyaare
Haan bhole panchhi tu na samjhe ke main kya hoon
Sholon ko samjhe tu taare

With sweet talks you want to come closer to me
slowly O dear..
O innocent bird, you don't know what I am,
You think of fireballs as stars..

jo bhi hai, jaisi hai
Meri hai jaan maine maana
jo bhi ho jaise ho
Maine hai yaar tujhko paana, paana..

Whatever you are, howsoever,
You're my life I have admitted,
However, in whatever way,
I have to get you dear..

Senti ho ke baatein bhi
Tu kar raha hai sentiyaan re, tang!

Having gone sentimental,
You're talking sentimentally too.. Tang!

maine maari entriyaan re
Dil mein baji ghantiyaan re..


Selavanuko Lyrics and translation | Heart Attack (2014) |

Movie: Heart Attack
Music: Anup Rubens
Singer(s): Chaitra

Selavanuko Mari edavake manasa
Kalaganake adhi nijam ai podhu kadha
Ee dhooram yenaatiki cheruvavvuno
Ee mounam inkeppudu maatalaaduno
Kannulloni kanniti kerataalalo hoo oo.

Think it's a good bye, Don't cry oh my dear heart
Don't dream of that, as there is no chance of it becoming true
When would this distance become nothing?
When would this silence speak out?
In the tides of my tears!!

Ye manasuni thittaali
Ee kshanam!!

What should I do?
What should I think about you
Which heart should be blamed(Your's or mine)
This very moment..?

Selavanuko | Repeat |

Anukunna anukunna naathote untaavanukunna
Naalaage neekkuda nenante ishtam anukunna
Pilichaana ramanni? Kasiraana pommani?
Chivariki ee aatalo aipoya bommani? :(
Nuvvu kaadhante iha raanante mana iddhari Madhya inkem ledhante.

I thought, you will be with me always
I thought, even you like me (like how I like you)
Did I ask you to enter my life?Did I scream at you to leave?
Finally I've become a toy in this game :'(
If you say "no", deny coming back, and say that we don't have any business left to deal with..
Then ..

Nenemaipovaali | Repeat |

Oh nuvvante naalanti inko nenani anukunna
Inaallee brhamalone aanandhamga brathikaana?!
Nacchindhe thadavuga velloddhe alusani
Chebuthunna manasuki vintundha maatani
Naa oohalni Naa aasalni narikesthunna
Uniki vinesthe.

I thought, you're "another me"
Did I live all these days happily in that hallucination?
I told my heart not to go behind everything it likes, but it never obeyed /listened to me
If I listen to my inner voice, which is killing my dreams,desires what not

Nenemaipovaali? | Repeat |


the silence inside the illusion

Everything is ecstasy, inside. We just don’t know it because of our thinking-minds. But in our true blissful essence of mind it is known that everything is alright forever and forever and forever. Close your eyes, let your hands and nerve-ends drop, stop breathing for 3 seconds, listen to the silence inside the illusion of the world, and you will remember the lesson you forgot, which was taught in immense milky ways of cloudy innumerable worlds long ago and not even at all. It is all one vast awakened thing. I call it the golden eternity. It is perfect. We were never really born, we will never really die. It has nothing to do with the imaginary idea of a personal self, other selves, many selves everywhere, or one universal self. Self is only an idea, a mortal idea. That which passes through everything, is one thing. It’s a dream already ended. There’s nothing to be afraid of and nothing to be glad about. I know this from staring at mountains months on end. They never show any expression, they are like empty space. Do you think the emptiness of space will ever crumble away? Mountains will crumble, but the emptiness of space, which is the one universal essence of mind, the one vast awakenerhood, empty and awake, will never crumble away because it was never born.

~ Jack Kerouac


the lamp once out

The lamp once out
Cool stars enter
The window frame.

~ Natsume Soseki
from Zen Haiku: Poems and Letters of Natsume Soseki, by Natsume Soseki 
 Translated by Soiku Shigematsu


music is in the piano only when it is being played

Jack Gilbert: 1925-2012 (Photo by Robert Toby)

We are not one with this world. We are not
the complexity our body is, nor the summer air
idling in the big maple without purpose.
We are a shape the wind makes in these leaves
as it passes through. We are not the wood
any more than the fire, but the heat which is a marriage
between the two. We are certainly not the lake
nor the fish in it, but the something that is
pleased by them. We are the stillness when
a mighty Mediterranean noon subtracts even the voices of
insects by the broken farmhouse. We are evident
when the orchestra plays, and yet are not part
of the strings or brass. Like the song that exists
only in the singing, and is not the singer.
God does not live among the church bells
but is briefly resident there. We are occasional
like that. A lifetime of easy happiness mixed
with pain and loss, trying always to name and hold
on to the enterprise under way in our chest.
Reality is not what we marry as a feeling. It is what
walks up the dirt path, through the excessive heat
and giant sky, the sea stretching away.
He continues past the nunnery to the old villa
where he will sit on the terrace with her, their sides
touching. In the quiet that is the music of that place,
which is the difference between silence and windlessness.

~  Jack Gilbert


Patakha Guddi Lyrics Translation [Highway]

Once again, Dunkdaft did it with the speed of light. Another Rahman song, after all. But then, that helps me, because a Rahman song keeps getting better and more refined. So I read his translation and checked a few more versions of lyrics and of course listened to the song and in that the confusing words numerous times and corrected a few things here and there and refined all that I could, to get what is here for you. I still have doubt with two lines, one of which I am not able to hear clearly still. Hope the rest is correct. Please send your comments and we'll correct anything that's wrong.

Music: A R Rahman
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Singers: Nooran Sisters

Mitthe paan di gilauri,
Lathha suit da Lahori,
Fatte maardi billori,
Jugni mel mel ke, kood faand ke,
Chakk chakaute jaave..

A sweet preparation of betel leaf,
A length of Lahori (ladies') suits' cloth
The kitten having fun
[This is the description of the girl here, she is having a sweet paan and wearing a Lahori suit, hvaing fun]
The firefly, jumping and meeting all,
goes here and there in a moment..

Maula tera maali,
O hariyaali jungle waali,
Tu de har gaali pe taali,
Uski kadam kadam rakhwaali,
Ainweyi lok-laaj ki soojh soch ki
kyun hai aafat daali
Tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka
Ali Ali Ali Ali

God is your gardener, [or caretaker, the meaning here]
O greenery of forests,
You clap on every swearing [as in, you just have fun]
and He (God) protects you at every step.
Why is the tension of all the regard of world and thoughts
there with you..
Just remember the maker, God,
Ali ali ali..

Sharf khuda ka, zarf khuda ka,
Ali Ali Ali Ali
Ali ho, Ali ho, Chali o re chali, chali, chali
Ali Ali, teri gali, wo to chali,
Ali Ali, teri gali, chali o..

[Sharf = Honour, Greatness]

Honour of God, Wisdom of God,
O Lord,
She comes, comes to your lane, O Lord..

O Jugni O, patakha guddi O,
Nashe mein ud jaaye re haaye re
Sajje khabbe dhabbe killi ho,

O firefly, O fiery kite,
Intoxicated she flies,
All over the places around.

Maine to tere tere utte chhaddiyaan doreyaan,

Tu to paak rab da baanka bachha
Raj dulara tu hi,
paak rab da baanka bachha
Uska pyaara tu hi
Maalik ne jo chinta di to, door karega wo hi

I have left the strings to You [So You will take care, O Lord]

You are a fearless kid of holy God,
His very dear kid..
Fearless kid of holy God,
You are his beloved kid,..
The tension God has given, He only will end it..

Naam Ali ka le ke tu to, naach le gali gali
Le naam Ali Ali, Ali ho, Ali ho,
Tu le naam rab da, naam saai ka,
Ali Ali Ali Ali

Chanting name of Lord, dance in streets,
chant Ali Ali,
Just say name of your God, your Lord,
Ali Ali Ali Ali..

Jugni rukh pippal da hoi,
Jis nu pooje ta har koi, *
Jisdi fasal kisi na boyi
Ghar bhi rakh sake na koi..

The Jugni has become a face of the Peepal (tree),
that is worshiped by everyone,
Yet no one has seeded this plant,
and no one can keep her at home. [as in, in their control.]

Rasta naap rahi marjaani,
Patthi baarish da hai paani,
Jab nazdeek jahaan de aani,
Jugni maili si ho jaani..

The darned girl is roaming a lot,
The kid's like rainwater,
When she comes near the real world,
She will be a little dirty..

[as in, she looks all pure, charismatic now, but in the real world, she'd lose her pureness, her charm.]

Tu le naam rab da Ali Ali,
jhall khaleran chali,
Naam rab da Ali Ali,
Har darwaaja Ali,

Just chant the name of Lord, Ali Ali,
she goes doing madness
name of Lord, Ali Ali,
At each doorstep, Ali.

Saayin re... Sai Re..
Maine to tere tere, utte chhaddiyan doriyaan..

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Patakha Guddi Meaning: Making Sense of The Phrase

Literally, Pataakha [or patakha] is Hindi and Urdu for a firecracker, and Guddi is Punjabi for Kite.

However, Patakha here would mean one who is fun. Guddi here is kite, which basically means someone who is free. Hence, Patakha Guddi here is basically used for a girl who is fun, and free, like a kite, doing what she wants.

The song also mentions 'nashe mein udi' [flying intoxicated] and 'maine to tere utte chhaddeyaan doreyaan' [I have left the strings (of the kite) with you], telling you it's a kite they're talking about, too.


Krishna murari ji bhajan sung by Jagjeet Singh

Krishna murari ji bhajan sung by Jagjeet Singh

Listen to Krishna Murari ji

lyrics -

krishna murari ji aankh base man bhaven
banke bihari ji aankh base man bhaven
pili kamabliiya mor mukut ghanshyam gagan ke rang sajayen
shanjh naddi ke shyam sanwara din bhar nand ki dhenu charave
tan man vaari ji ankh base man bhaven

main to haari ji ankh base man bhaven
neend udiye jag ke karaj kar te sonchu shayam ki sonchu
rasiya jogi tana bajaave murli bol hiyye tat pahunchu
raas bihari ji aankh base man bhave
shobha nyari ji aankh base man bhave
tan man pran hawale tere tujhme rame ramayeh palchhin
maadhava madan gobardhan dhari daras mein tere bhiige nisdin
krishna kumari ji aankh base man bhaven
sudh budh haari ji aankh base man bhaven
hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare