गुरुवार, 27 जून 2013

Chennai Express: The Honey Singh Drama

I was surprised, and not pleasantly, when I heard Yo Yo Honey Singh was singing for Vishal-Shekhar in Chennai Express.

I am not against Honey Singh's rapping style. He's a talented guy who does sing well. But I have never liked the person that Honey Singh is, simply because of the way he deals with and talks about girls. So I was surprised, or say, shocked, when I heard Vishal-Shekhar, who have been known for their character more than their music, with especially Vishal, who is so vocal for social issues, are getting Honey Singh to sing for them. That too, with none other than SPB. Truth be told, I couldn't believe this.

For some time, I was thinking of asking Vishal and Shekhar on Twitter if this was really true, when I found out that the reports about Honey Singh singing for the movie were false, and apparently Shekhar himself made that clear.

That's great. Thanks V-S. Never mind Yo-Yo. I hope you too will leave the days of your bad name behind and be good someday soon.

Update: As you probably know already, Honey Singh is singing Lungi Dance in Chennai Express. In the words of an anonymous commenter, that's a big slap on my face. Not sure, though I hated the song like anything. Still, it's there on BollyMeaning. Btw, it's supposed to be a tribute to Rajinikanth Ji. I wonder if someone has asked the superstar how he liked it.

Update: As expected, this seems to have created an issue between Vishal-Shekhar and Shahrukh Khan, and the duo, originally the judges of Indian Idol Junior, were not present at the show in the episode where Shahrukh Khan came to promote Chennai Express.