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Kurbaan Music Review Ratings

Kurbaan (2009) Music Album Review:-

1. Shukran Allah
Song from Sonu Nigam is always a delight. But equal credits to Salim and Shreya Ghosal for their beautiful playback singing. Song moves in a smooth rhythm, you will love the sounds of guitar.

2. Dua
Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher comes together again after disappointing last effort. But this time it works. The main USP of this song is it's lyrics. Very clear and meaningful.

3. Ali Maula
Ali Maula picks up a bit slow but turns out to be magnificent song. Backed by powerful music, reckoning song for singer and music composer Salim.

4. Rasiya
It's more of a theme song for Kurbaan. Again strong music raises the tempo of this song.

5. Kurbaan Hua
The show stealer for sure. This is a Hindi rock song from talented rock music experts Vishal - Shekhar. This type of songs do tend to sound similar but it has unique touch comparable to no other song.

6. Ali Maula - Remix
This was not required, music is too loud and suppress the singers voice. Remix of Kurbaan Hua would have been better.

Overall Music Review of Kurbaan

Kurbaan Music Album boasts of powerful music but except the title track, none of the songs are going to make an impact. It's not that, rest of the songs are bad but just an average compared to what we have in our Music charts these days. Lyrics of all songs includes several Urdu wordings which we have never heard before in Hindi songs. Music of this album is more apt when you watch the movie alongside. Music is made to look the film good, to add feel and emotion to the scenes. Special credits to music composers Salim - Sulaiman for bringing something Hatke.

Favorite Soundtrack: Kurbaan Hua

Worst Soundtrack: Rasiya

Verdict: Powerful music but not enough good songs

Ratings: 2.5/5

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