What Stirs Your Soul?

What feeds your soul? What stirs you? What thought wakes you up every day and makes you smile. What idea moves you to get out of bed and step into your life? THAT is what you need to do more of. We can all talk about all the reasons why we can't do certain things or have certain things but with that, comes more not having. Now, I'm not naïve. I do understand that there are certain things that are beyond our control at certain moments, but what IS in our control is the way we choose to feel about certain things. So maybe your dream is to be an actor, or an artist, or musician, or to help children all over the world. Well yes, maybe you don't have the finances to drop everything and chase your dream but that doesn't meant that you can't join your local community theater, paint on your own, go to open mic nights, or go volunteer at children's homes. You can take whatever feeling you have, whatever beauty that resides in you and you can recreate that feeling however you want. When you take that first step, when you believe in the beauty of your dreams, then you begin to send that energy out into the world and before you know it, you're creating more, sharing more, and more opportunities are showing up in your life giving you more moments to live your dream. So stop selling yourself short! Stop talking about all the reasons why you can't and start just doing it! 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” 
~ Lao Tzu

Today is your day. Take that step.

All my Love and FAITH in you,


SHARIng (Sunshine & Love) with SHARI