Maye Ni Maye Mere Geetan De Naina Vich Song

English Translation of Shiv Kumar Batalavi’s

Maye ni Maye

By Ratnendra Pandey

Maye ni maye mere geetan de nainan vich birhon di radak pave
[mother O mother! like rub of a tiny piece of stone beneath eyelid, separation is hurting my songs’ eyes.] /eyes of song has ache of separation 

adhi adhi raati uth ron moye mittran nu maye sanu neend na pave
[To grief the of my friend, I get up in the middle of night. O mother, I can not fall asleep.]

bhen bhen sugandhiyan ch bhannah phehe chanani de tavin sadi peer na saven
[I dip (the wound) in various fragrances and wrap moonlight around it (as a bandage). Still, the pain does not ease.]

kose kose sahwan di main karan je takor maye sagon sanu khan nu pave
[I blow a gentle warm breathe over (the wound) to soothe the pain. O mother, the wound, instead, pounces back on me to bite.]

aape ni balri main halle aap mattan jogi matt kehra es nu dave
[I am a young boy/girl in a need of advice. Who will come forward to advise her?]

akh su maye ehnu rove bulh chith ke nee jagg kithe sund na lave
[Tell him/her to weep with lips shut tight lest the world hears him/her crying.]

aankh su ni khye laye tuk hijjran da pakkiya lekhan de nee puthre tave
[Ask him/her to eat the bite of separation baked by destiny on a flipped girdle.]
[Metaphorically, separation is equated with an improperly baked loaf of bread.]

Chatt lai tarel looni gaman de gulab tonni kaalje nu hausla rahve.
[Lick the salty liquid oozing out of roses of sufferings to give heart courage to bear pain.]

Kehriyan saperiyan ton manga kunj mel di main mel di koi kunj na dave.
[Which snake keeper has a skin that does not peel off the snake's body ? No one is giving me a skin that stays with the body forever.]
[Metaphorically, snake’s skin is equated with separation that is inevitable.]

Keda ehna damman diyan lobhiyan de daran utte wang khada jogiya rahve
[Like an ascetic, who will beg at the door of the greedy people to pay such a huge price?]

peere ni peere pyar aisi titli hai jehdi sada sool te bahve.
[O pain, Love is like a butterfly nailed to a cross forever.]

pyar aisa bhaur hai ni jihde kolon vaashna vi lakhan kohan door hi rahe
[Love is such a bee from whom lechery stays a millions of miles away.]

pyar oh mahal hai nee jehde wich pakhuwaan de bajh kujh hor na rahe
[Love is a palace where no one but the souls live.]

pyar aisa aangna hai jehde wich ni vaslan da ratra na palangh dhave
[Love is such a courtyard where the bed of nuptial night is never laid.]

akh maye adhi adhi raati moye mittran de uchi uchi naam na lave
[Tell him/her not to take the names of dead friend aloud in the middle of the night.]

mate sade moyan pichhon jag ye shreekra nee geetan nu vi chandra kahve.
[I am afraid that after I am dead, this vicious world would label my song as evil.]